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one for me What am I to do without you You never knew how much You never knew how long I wouldn't be so desperate If I didn't know you are my phantom limb
Tags: acoustic guitar zahir zack singapore phantom limb unsigned

This is an album cover I created using scanned ske
Tags: graphic art

OMP Model, Ana, from RI
Tags: HotModelsCasualsPhotoShootsSexyProfessionalR

There is a nature trail by a creek in the town of Niceville, Fl. I would go walking the often. One day this squirrel was sitting on this limb waiting for me to give it a peanut
Tags: nature squirrels

Oil painiting
Tags: animal art paintings wildlife

I tried to capture what a bird would see if it was
Tags: Art Photography tree trees nature

here is a tree who became another victim to the bi
Tags: broken tree limbice stormwinter

A short story I wrote for a friend.
. Chucking the bat at the light and destroying it, the figure went over to Mithoes and took out a small blade. Cutting off every limb that Mithoes had, the figure stood again having blood smeared across
Tags: Mithoes Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
throat, but caused him even more pain. After a few minutes, one of his arms finally broke free of his body, and just hung there lifeless on the hook. "Shikat please stop!" Another limb ripped free
Tags: Justin Horror Death

Little Red was on an adventure! Far from home, she
Tags: lady bug red beetle leaf balance nature

A cougar leaning over the edge of a branch geting
Tags: cougarcatfelinetreebranchlimbfantastyartartworkJohn Crippendrawinggraphic

short story
and quarrel. Darrel likes to climb trees to swirl, twirl, and whirl. He is such a magnificent squirrel in the world of squirrels. Darrel is a furry squirrel with a tail he likes to furl. From tree limb
Tags: short story

This is the first chapter of the Science Fiction S
Mrs Butterfield with a warm acid paste. "Oh my god," he spluttered through a cheesy residue that bridged his lips. "I'm so sorry," but his moving of her shattered limb had made her pass out and she
Tags: Science Fiction Serial

The world comes down on Denise, a storm of bro
of the panes gave way, buckling under the weight of yet another falling limb. No looking back or hesitation, her focus was on the open double doors and held her breath as she moved in slow motion. She didn't
Tags: Science Fiction Serial The Falling

Chapter 8 of the Falling....go to the site at www.
to be able to bond with your Profit and for that it needs blood, he held out a small blade, clutched in his mutated hand, the ugly budging limb like a flesh coloured boxing glove. Stay still. Itll only
Tags: Science Fiction Serial The Falling

I used layers to add an aged look to this.
Tags: NatureLeavesSpringBranchesAgedLayers"Portlan

The tree that lives outside my window
Tags: dead tree wicked old pencil drawing limb scary