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Tags: tree

Otters have long, slim bodies and relatively short limbs, with webbed paws. Most have sharp claws on their feet, and all have long muscular tails. They have a very soft underfur which is protected
Tags: animals cute enjoyment muscular otter paws p

A free verse poem explaining the background existe
cure those, Bound to beds and chairs by afflicted curses released by Pandora, That stain joints and render all limbs obsolete appendages in youth. Only few can find and sneak into behemoth's lair
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 poetry Greek

Based on a true story. (889 words)
to winter, and January brought with it the worst storms in decades. Frigid arctic winds howled for days. Freezing rain created a world brittle as glass, snapping tree limbs and power lines alike. Western
Tags: chukkarsageOregonhuntingKmart

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
, it meant nothing. Tharn started toward her, his newly revived limbs showed no weakness, nor did his terrible, glimmering eyes. Tharn, please Dont Jessdana whimpered. Tharn seemed to hesitate again. Kill
Tags: Short Story

A short story I wrote for a friend.
body. Taking the sword out, Yuan put a vial into her arm, and then cut her other limbs. After putting vials, in her other wounds Cairyn finally found her voice. "What are the vials for?" "They have
Tags: Cairyn Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
a ripping pain go through him, and looked to that his limbs were being pulled out of their sockets. Seeing seams of flesh break apart, bone and muscle being separated, a scream ripped through Justin's
Tags: Justin Horror Death

One of my dark poems, an older worker.
spirit breathes and writhes and prays In the night it makes me wonder whyAnd sill my gory limbs would supplicate My crucified cadaver still looks to GodThe severe flags of rotBeat upon my bonesThey wail
Tags: poetry

Old Oak trees always catch my eye, with their limbs reaching out in all directions
Tags: oak tree

A short story of a very long night.
of those big limbs in the lower paddock. He had enough on his mind right now without worrying about what might be. He lay his weary head in his calloused hands. He was so tired. If only he
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

What else was I going to call it? Come to think of
Tags: crow bird tree sky branches limbs murder down

thirst for your torment My limbs are numb Touch me, with your inflated ego Then just walk away, but dont turn back I wont be waiting for your apathetic apology I dont want to hear your distorted
Tags: 2

This is a poem written during a camping trip about
. My limbs stretched to the stars and sun, Oh how warm and filling the sun is. I stand alone. Stretched miles above my foes, Even among a forest I am alone. I stand alone. The sky my only friend
Tags: Nature Tree Poetry

This is the first chapter of the Science Fiction S
as heavy. Once these creatures neared the ground they were like loose flaying limbs with a similar weight of a arm, a man's arm, hard and muscular. Another scream, someone shouting, "What the fuck
Tags: Science Fiction Serial

Tags: nature

Tree canopy from below
Tags: tree limbs sky canopy