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I wrote this song for my 2 children that I lost 15 years ago, and for the 2 that I had later in my life when we were stay- ing at a hotel before going to the homeless shelter. (yep!) I wanted
Tags: love hope faith sorrow joy strength courage life inspiration birgitta

Times were tough and the years were lean indeed, especially for Wilfred. Yet, in spite all of his bad luck, he never lost his faith and attended services on a regular basis, always wearing
Tags: Weije. photography. old trucks tough times

Hendrix said that he was inspired for Purple Haze by a dream in which he was walking under the sea. In the dream, a purple haze surrounded him, engulfed him and got him lost. It was a traumatic
Tags: Purple Haze Jimi Hendix rock guitar jammin po

This is my Bible I am what it says I am I have what it says I have I'll do what it says I'll do... This is my Bible It has given me new life It is the Word of God. When I'm lost and gone
Tags: natural light Bible faith spiritual photography

A story about a man who finds himself contesting w
at his mind that there was something hed lost in the maze that he had to find. and he moved forward, not knowing what lay before him. It struck him that maybe the sense of having lost something
Tags: Coma maze labyrinth puzzle

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
conversation over hurt feelings. Try to always keep a positive attitude and understand that love can be repaired even when all seems to be lost. If there is a spark of love between the couple it can
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
be treated like a doormat. Will be patient and have faith in the relationship. Understands the relationship will resume if it was meant to be. Will agree to give her ex space and work on fulfilling her own
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
, otherwise everything will be lost in the wave of time. Romancing close friends can be risky they may take the relationship as granted at the beginningand you may have to face a false situation
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
theyGve lost and why theyGre not with you anymore. You should also feel great about yourself and not worry if they come back or not. (Remember if itGs true love, they will come back, just have faith
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
tattoo, consider it carefully, though. Be sure that your faith is that important to you. Consider whether or not a praying hands tattoo is an appropriate expression of it. That way, won't regret
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

no description
we try to tell her she doesn't know what we have to deal with when she said i lost my husband in World War 2 my oldest son wants nothing to do with me my daughter of caner in 2003 so why can't you
Tags: i'm not entirely sure if my songs should b

I've always seemed to have a certain likeness and
chains for boats to dock scattered along sullen silver rocks. A weekend away from all those times you had lost your faith. Renewed in the depths of tomorrows deeds, could you promise your children
Tags: poem

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
faith. Charity knew her faith was a struggling, kicking mass, a diseased slab of flesh that always lingered near death, but it was alive. Who knew how much longer faith could be sustained, but Charity
Tags: Short Story

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
Givin it up for Your Love Delbert McClinton Dock of the Bay Wilson Pickett Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett Unchained Melody Righteous Bros Youve Lost that lovin Feeling Righteous Bros When a Man
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

For those of you who may not know, I met a Christi
this as we look closer at a national bank?!?! A robbery seems to be taking place! A van stops at the entrance of the bank and 3 people with guns come running out of the back! Oh no! All hope seems lost
Tags: Christian super heroes story cartoon comic G

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
the word of God? Why do preachers preach againt money and then beg for it? Apart from imagination and art, how could Jesus have raised Lazarus from the dead? We live in a natural universe. Faith cannot
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

This is a picture of my grandmother with Father di
lost her eyesight one night, and of course took a few days off and came back to work blind. A short time later, she toured Ireland with a quad cane. Around 2002, My uncle died from ALS, and my
Tags: Freestyle Writing

This is the storyline to my first Extraordinary Le
Written by Ben Mullins The Extraordinary League of Christianity Comic one Faith: Christian Superpower The city of Senson! A somewhat peaceful city from a view far off. But whats this as we
Tags: Christian comic super heroes superheroes God

In Gods Eyes - late08
in life and see where God stood,remember the times you lost faith or got hurt, or when you were coldand that stranger gave you his shirt,Just go through life knowing that you gave it your best,and when you
Tags: 1

this song i wrote nearly 8 years ago i always like
Tags: first song songs about hardships lost faith