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This is a pencil drawing of I did of Wolverine bac
Tags: wolverine sean gordon shonsta marvel comics comic book wolf man

Done with pencil.
Tags: Hugh Jackman Wolverine X-men marvel comic movie film cool drawing Trace Tracie Cotta Tracer Sean Gordon

i just drew this cause i think it would be awesome to see as a comic. punisher by marvel and aliens predator dark horse 20th century fox
Tags: punisher aliens predator art freehand

drew this for fun. just wanted to draw the punisher. fan picture of a marvel comics character
Tags: punisher marvel women

Liquid tune, sunny vibes, moody and calm, narrativ
Tags: drumnbass drum & bass lounge jazz liquid ho

Wolverine gets caught trying to get some jailbait.
Tags: To Catch Chris Hansen Dateline NBC Predator Super Wolverine Xmen Hugh Jackmen Comics Marvel

Spidey caught in a hurricane... pencilled and inke
Tags: Spider-man Marvel Comics Cover Art Contest Entry Pinup

shuma gorath shroom great marvel character haha :P
Tags: shroom

Black ink and digital mixed media. Conan of Cimeria, in the Marvel Style
Tags: black ink fantasy conan warrior

I got the idea from a Mos Def song called Modern Marvel. In a line he says "Im up in the cluds, and im spiryling down, nothing breaks the fall.." but there are no clouds on mine
Tags: A3 Love Graffiti Stars Falling

Karolina from Marvel's "The Runaways" stopping to enjoy a lone lavender flower
Tags: marvel comics lucy sky karolina dean

I look upon one of our well known peaks on the Utah Rocky Mountains-Mount Nebo-and marvel at the hills and valleys, adorned with crisp pine and spruce, accented with shimmering autumn aspen
Tags: Pastel Painting Tracie hunsaker Paints Pots

hulk is copyright Marvel Comics art is mine
Tags: hulk marvel comic

A superhero who surfs in space,what a great idea.I know i can't draw the surfer like the boys at marvel,but hey why not give it a try
Tags: imagination art

comics to do is not only save people from the things in life, but also save their souls! Marvel and DC comics are made up people who save other made up people! The ELC comics are made up people who
Tags: Christian super heroes story cartoon comic G

the arch topped out...falgs, american and the neva
Tags: construction bridges building modern marvel the arch amazing


an early original piece that I created, prior to w
Tags: spiderman art Marvel comics comic book

Book of poems I wrote back in december
and get it is to experience an explosion of self-recognition. That ! that makes you laugh and marvel at how the words express exactly what you feel. Youre not alone. The first one is for my fallen
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

Chris Martin muses on Bernie Madoff, pop music and
Tags: ChrisMartinBernieMadoffRomeTomDeLayDancingwiththeStarsSharkTankBritneySpearsLindsayLohanParisHiltonPaulaAbdulCashCrunkersClunkersBonohomonoKissBobDylanDisneyMarvel