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This is fractal art which is done with math configurations. When that part was complete, I used layers and fractalius plug-in to create the effects

Boredom in math class
Tags: circles geometric trippy weird odd wtf

Done for a non-profit campaign for my class in Communication Design Across Cultures. My 12 year old daughter was the model and it was promoting math for girls
Tags: Geek photography graphic design advertising cam

just a simple lesson in math...24 divided by 1 = 24...Weije
Tags: Weije art Duke Baseball Boston College baseball

Tags: watercolor

Math as a boundry creates space to create
Tags: biro phi vortex spiral perspective

Biro and pencil on paper
Tags: biro pencil paper physics phi math

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
schedule. I had math 1 period, great. I hated math; It was my worst subject and I had it 1 period of all periods. She handed me another gold, embroidered, pink piece of paper with the title Hall Pass- Do
Tags: story twilightish stuff

would never use it in life Same goes for Math some stuff we learn we will never use Also for Science what is the point of that class School itself is pointless Daron Olson By: Justin Batalden So
Tags: poetrypoem

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
our teacher Mrs. Tanya. okay tiffany and I replied at the same time. Reading and language flew by while theater was a drag. Religion: boring. Math: hard. And now lunch. Alexs class was the first
Tags: I love you hate you

my poem "the restless night" =)
please to stroll So many places I cant do the math I pass the frozen streets And finally reach the warmth of home I grab a cup of coffee and sweets While I look out the window to all who still roam
Tags: the restless night contest poem cold city

version 3 of the massiv genome series....somewhat of a fan of science and math (geometry) through highschool and college!! injoy
Tags: Genome Project

This guy is so cool man, he's like fuckin' chilled
Tags: yo fuck shit cool wtf math

I drew this last week in math. Just a quick sketch, overall took me about 19 mins. Sorry for all of the writing on the page i like to make points on my work ^ - ^ overal i would rate this one a C
Tags: Manga Anime Sketch chibi japanese neko girl

The grim reaper pays a visit to a dumb blonde.
Tags: dumb blonde blond grim reaper salmon mousse moose neyneu monty python math wig cell phone wrong number cave tv

Drew in math while I was bored and supposed to take notes. I later failed the test
Tags: Goodbye to 2 math

Created in Pro/Engineer 3D design software using math equations to create the branch geometry. Final rendering in Pro/Engineer and Photoshop
Tags: 3d art graphics

This is a very tiny drawing of a mummy I did in my Algebra II class. Says a lot about what I think of math. --Meaghan
Tags: mummy horror imagination creature art drawing

And this is the second part. It just came out of
Gods Response By Boogie Love Is there really a meaning A cause, rythm, or path? I can read real good But I cannot do the math What is it you want To feel, hear or see? What will ever prove to you
Tags: Boogie Love Religion Poetry

this is a rainbow colored mario that was created during the process of a math project when i was bored and didnt know what to do with the M&Ms
Tags: Mario M&Ms