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Taken back in January in Colorado at or about the same time (meaning within minutes apart) as the others in my media. Thought it might fit in well with all the other beautiful sunrises in here
Tags: sun rays clouds colors sky. orange morning

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
later regret. If one says Hello, or waves, he communicates a meaning that can differ according to the variations of vocal inflection or the movements involved in the wave. All communication efforts may
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

This is a picture whit much meaning. Is painted whit watercolors. The text is also mine, but is in spanish
Tags: Alma

In Huahine, a Tahitian word meaning Woman, the beautiful island from the French Polynesia, a Pregnant Woman lies down on her back over the rocky evergreen mountains
Tags: huahine wahine tahitian polynesian french nat

self explanatory meaning, i used pencil, and oil pastels
Tags: art drawing

to be in opposition to the meaning. This intensity of color is more representational of the intensity of emotion being felt
Tags: painting acrylic secret reflections reflection

rock,,deep meaning in lyrics...i like this song very much
Tags: hard headed!!!

I had taken this self portrait about a year or so ago...In a way, this photo has a lot of meaning to me. I had been a very overweight girl my entire life....I had lost the weight after I graduated
Tags: self portrait body self confidence worth

=] me and my friend jess
Tags: asian lauren ahoi

Figure drawing class of skeletons, this searches for meaning in my father's WWII experiences
Tags: skulls skeleton war medals pastel drawing

realized the meaning of life is not a riddle to be solved: Life simply is. He could invest his life with meaning and allow the ambiguity of it to ride along as a blessing in disguise. If he were
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

Tags: trees with deep meaning

this song is extremely important to me and has hidden meaning behind all the lyrics
Tags: love hopeless man

eNuminous & Archimedes present: Meaning [Eclipse Poem With Angelic Choir], a soundpoem music video
Tags: enuminous soundpoem music mp3 video

This one's meaning I like They're both dead so when he hears that you need to give your heart to your true love well... he does
Tags: pencil heart love romantic lovers

This is a video I created utilizing some of my images and a friend created the music to show people the 'TRUE' meaning behind our ABC's
Tags: ABC's photography motivational inspirational v

No matter how much colour we try to put into our l
Tags: art concept studio design meaning life lifestyle arrangement abstract composition fine art

Who really understands the meaning of life? No one. Who can emphathize when your underpants rides up? Your true friends.They are the only ones that will tell you like it is. If you ask them
Tags: Comic Strip

a word's meaning by its sound, like a blind man touching the edge of a coin. But some of the words you might use, the big ones - love, happiness, sorrow - these can remain abstract for years, even if you
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

should make it about good friends and so parallel. parallel meaning that you and their interists and thought processes parallel each other. its about showing respect to the people that are always
Tags: cool riffs