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Huge spider on my mirror. It jumped on my lap just after this shot, I couldn't find it! That means it's still in my house! (9-25-09
Tags: huge spider mirror

writing about spirit
cant touch something you cant feel break us from this endless pit kill our selves and release the chains that keep us shackled in our brains Kill our selves means the ego not the body
Tags: poetry poem art writing dismay

Or Midbar means "Desert Light". The sunrise in the desert and the weary desert sands
Tags: rock oriental hebrew

This piece is the smallest piece I have made yet. When working with glass small means difficult. I paid very close attention to the detail – using different shattered pieces in each subject
Tags: glass art stain glass other

Appolyon means destruction (destructor) in greek. thought it was a gnar word and made a gnar tree in honor
Tags: tree destruction appolyon havoc chaos

story will be more fun than drawing it out. I know it won’t be easy since I’m the only artist. But I’ll appreciate any support you’ll like to give, your words means a lot to me and helps me continue
Tags: Awsome Phat Girls Anime

Jim Webb was born fighting...whatever the hell that means
Tags: politics standup zarling hicks comedy virgini

This is a punny one. In French "Mais" means "But" and "Pas" means "Not" - So that makes this a But Not - Butt Knot - oooooooo - it makes me smile! Available as a Limited Edition Gliclee print
Tags: Digital Painting Espacelaurent Limited Edition

The very best daddys have patience with their children, even if it means walking across the water for the 100th time
Tags: girl daughter dad time

This is a special send out to all my family, friends, and fans/famesoure- thank you for all your continued love and support it means so much to me as I continue to find my way in this music business

1 lucky ass person !!
Tags: crash !!!!

permanent collection. For now, that means it's being stored in a warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. I hear that occasionally, they'll pull a few paintings out for a showing. And of course, if I ever
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

Green means "go
Tags: Chicago Windy City Traffic

This is a picture of the necklace I wear around my neck no matter what. Its the Celtic Symbol for strength, and The Dragon means the same thing Strength. I don't go anywhere with out it and when I do
Tags: Rufus Dragon Symbol Celtic Necklace Muse

-of.com:80/graverre The term is created from the part ‘Gra’ which stands for ‘Graphite’ and ‘verre’ which means ‘glass’ in French. The essence of this method is quite simple. The graphite

acting is fantastic it means the world to , im a bubbly garl and never in a mood only if i carnt act i want to be an actress my insperation is jullie graham x i also have a pasion 4 art x
Tags: love acting its my world i would love to

The ultimate means of teen male frustration; the dreaded friend zone
Tags: giff

, creating a reflective image in the indigo "pool" of the all seeing eye. I'll let you decide what it means to you...contact me for my own personal description
Tags: psycehdelic Magedn of David fish U-Melt Crazyr

'Self Love' is of a woman emerging out of a flower, blossoming into the realisation that loving Self first means you are in a better position to give love to others. I was about to fall asleep one
Tags: Painting Flower Black Love Sun Hairstyle Art

The day after I left a boyfriend this mantis followed me around work all day, which means, wrong doing, non spiritual, and mischeivious
Tags: purple praying mantis flower