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Acoustic song... a metaphor
Tags: Acoustic rock

this is one of 9 images from my major body of work..the concept behind it is that the train is a metaphor for life..like things that i didnt wnat to leave or go straight past me like people, love
Tags: wc

This is the story of a boy and Man he loves so muc
Tags: Kai Gabriel Clay Lelouch Rp Yaoi smexy sun star insignifcant love relationships shounen-ai metaphor man boy yaoi star government the great sun tiny star

literal interpretation of a metaphor
Tags: digital humour cartoon

interpret it as a metaphor for the band itself
Tags: alternative pop rock

This is a metaphor for time I drew out of sheer boredom
Tags: time metaphor art pencil sketch

to ask God to help e get back on track! This metaphor is pretty neat I thought of it one day and thought it sounded pretty cool, so I wrote it down. :P If you're a Christian reading this, please pray
Tags: Map Life Jesus Christian God Christ guide

snow/icy road
Tags: metaphor

"Alien-American" 2004. Produced by Eric Shiveley and the band. I wrote this song in a desperate attempt to use an extended metaphor that is quite relevant to whatever you have on your mind at the time
Tags: The Honeymoon tqmb

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
to the modern world. The surest way to confuse is to use a parable, analogy, metaphor or simile. What is God? What is the Kingdom of God? Where is God and where did He come from? Is theology man's
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Jim Colyer writes about the Chess musical of Tim R
of three parts: opening, middlegame and endgame. 18 EPILOGUE: YOU AND I/THE STORY OF CHESS - Florence and the Russian are done. The choir recounts the history of chess. Chess functions as a metaphor
Tags: Jim Colyer Chess musical Tim Rice Benny Anderss

This song talks about having insomnia and using that as a metaphor when you feel yourself stop dreaming about great things you would want to accomplish i also like the message that there are things
Tags: aftermath of eden worthwhile endeavor

I've been really into this kind of shit lately. The relationship between trees & the sky. It's like a metaphor for good & evil. Wow, so deep. Anyway, what the hell is with Taltopia lately
Tags: trees branches sun moon sky view cap

of my favorite songs sitting in that stairwell but the stairs were cracking it was falling apart and as a metaphor i compared myself to it. few years ago loved a girl and she got married and thats life
Tags: acoustic version

metaphor for our glob­al com­mu­ni­ty and col­lec­tive (un)con­scious. Church of Rock and Roll is a vi­su­al state­ment chal­leng­ing the idea of re­li­gion as true spir­i­tu­al in­spi­ra­tion
Tags: Beatles John Lennon The Who Rosa Parks JFK Do

last 2 songs of my live set.
Tags: Jayy JayyPrince j prince live metaphor music hiphop musicfromtheheart

last 2 songs of my live set.
Tags: Jayy JayyPrince j prince live metaphor music hiphop musicfromtheheart

April 2010
it with Metaphor Golden tongues of Logic And fine silks of Deception Lead it astray Take it away Put it off 'til another day And come back with the jackhammers of Science and the bulldozers
Tags: Poetry

but if you are able to see what it could be with time and care its like a person that you dont normally see a future with or overlook come on now i love metaphor based songs i think sometimes i relate
Tags: aftermath of eden sometimes a fields not a

this song is metaphor based who guessed it . anywhew i havent been playing to much these days and with the loss of internet this is probably my last song for now. this song compares a snow flake
Tags: snow soft songs metaphor aftermath of eden