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A poem I wrote
Away from me Away from me my feelings go Tofind a place to sit Happiness follows for I can control my mind I can see the stars rise from dark skies togreet me each nite. With a breeze that comes
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote about how I think about things
As I ponder as I sit and ponder my mind starts to wander I day dream of the past and look toward the future from a glass today is the day I start living
Tags: by sheryl Staley

Poem on what's on my mind right now
Tags: S. Staley

Just what's on my mind right now
Tags: S.Staley

A poem on Anxiety
will stop, I do not know..My mind is jumbled like the balls in the Bingo cage,all scrambled just like eggs..I can not think,I can not cry..I want to I wonder why?Then things go down again my calmness
Tags: S.Staley

this picture was taken without me even knowing it!! I love the water, at this photo shoot I was the only one who didnt mind being in the water
Tags: stillhouse lake

Art Work,Pastel Exhibit July 2006 (8"by6") Yonker
Tags: $7000

Great new track from my new CD.
Tags: MusicMindR&B

colored pencils
Tags: Not For SAle

Created with cute sad girls in mind. -Photoshop -Wacom Tablet -cute fun times
Tags: blue designer sad girl cute

Mixed digital media, created with the artsy fun game for the Wii, Super paper mario in mind. enjoy! -Photoshop
Tags: weird fun complex

What the artist mind looks like, always swirling and forming art with in the brain
Tags: Computer Graphic Design Art Artist Abstract

First cover for The Maineland #1 A collections of stories and adventures from the crooked mind of CBOlmsted
Tags: cbolmsted maineland comics cartoons curtis

I have a story to tell. I have a voice to be heard. My spirit is not to be tamed. My mind is not to be broken. Camera shy? -No, that is not me. ----------------------------------------- My
Tags: Horse Ranch Eye Face Animal Close-up

Go deep into the mind of Hollywood legend Keanu Reeves. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. For more check: www.swingingjohnson.com
Tags: keanu reeves morgan freeman space babies gir

Forgotten now, erased for good; A lonely shadow, where friends once stood. Forever etched, in my mind they are, But what am I, a wound? a scar? I've grasped for them and they've not reached
Tags: poetry creative writing original mine