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Short Story on life in my home with children~
Geezzze Mom!!! Next one is 15 mins. later...fell on her butt....What is mom to do....So I ask...(it Lee of course) she says kiss it and laughs so hard she forgets it hurts goes to put ice on her rump
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

this 1 pic is done by me b4 ...mm.. don rmbr... its a simpl sketch..done wit pen..in 15 mins.. i think ... i know it isnt proportionate ...but stil i like it.. its witot refrnc :) pls leav ur
Tags: art

6 mins of clips Thanks to the nine of you who have famed my video and even to the four that shamed (at least you viewed it) and thanks to everyone else who has watched
Tags: Tommy Scott comedy comedian stand up


6 tracks in 5.5 mins
Tags: Hardcore Speed mix

a robotic fighter of somekind. Time to complete from start to finish was roughly 45 mins to an hour
Tags: Robot Sci-fi

waste any 10 extra mins
Tags: waste 10 mins

The movie was a little to long for me 2 hrs and 30 mins.. But still the movie was awesome~!!! Original Drawing Video: http://sketchpan.com/?no=99521&type=&theme_no=&tag=&tignk=99300
Tags: transformer movie mummuh sketchpan

about my lover. At the end of the day I couldn't bear to take the extra 10 mins it would take to stop at the gas station, fill my tank and wash my windshield. I drove around on next to empty and could
Tags: Just Can't Wait! Crystalyn Jewell

OH did I EVER get lucky w/ THIS shot!!!! I'd been trying for prob. 30 mins., maybe a bit less than that, to get a 'close-up' of one of the cute lil' one's flying around these bushes in my Fiance's
Tags: Bird Nature Bushes Trees Pretty Tweet

I drew this last week in math. Just a quick sketch, overall took me about 19 mins. Sorry for all of the writing on the page i like to make points on my work ^ - ^ overal i would rate this one a C
Tags: Manga Anime Sketch chibi japanese neko girl

Mike(Junior Adolphe) and Paul(Frankie) are close f
Tags: Junior Adolphe

As part of my studies at access to music l have t
Tags: jason alexander brighton access to music dru

??!!! :D Tee hee..Just the other day, his Girlfriend came to the door to pick m' up for their regular Friday night outting...Poor gal, she had to wait for atleast 45 mins. while he groomed himself up
Tags: Griffen Cat Bathe Lick Tongue

this beat is 3 mins and 17 seconds long. and it also goes 90 bpm. good for raping
Tags: roberts beats

A fast sketch of a ninja done in under 5 mins
Tags: ninja

Hot Mixtape Sample!!!!
Tags: Gucci Mane Waka Flaka Nicky Minaj

Mickael's sisters doll tried to kill Mickael and w
Tags: Scary short movie 5 mins