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of Seraphic Reveries... Viciously ripped by the accursed Squalls of Darkness, your heart throbbed, writhed in the throes of an Unsettled War... Entombed under a moonlit eclipse, your entranced
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

the 1500s Streets covered in withered petals, and words, whispering, creamed and tender in the morning haze 'I will return with the moonlit winds', she said 'A far-away voice calls the will of fate
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

Chinese Genie traveling on a moonlit night, accompanied by a magic Dragon. A beautiful Bird Of Paradise serves as his guide. The price is $400.00, with a shipping charge of $75.00
Tags: pasteloriginalrealisticfantasydragonmagic

A wonderful moonlit evening at the ocean with the love of my life conversating inregards to the events of past and present
Tags: love romance spiritualityearth mother nature

Acrylic painting of windswept mountainside amidst
Tags: moon mountain wind

One of my interpretations of a surrealistic beach.
Tags: Abstract Surreal Landscape

16 x 20 The Moonlit Beach no frame
Tags: Abstract Surreal Landscape

portrait captured under moving, moonlit clouds, in the sand dunes in Death Valley National Park, California. I triggered a bulb exposure, ran to the top of the dune, rotated a red-tipped flashlight
Tags: Freedom space moonlit night shot sand dunes Death Valley National Park

Original seascape oil painting on a custom built h
Tags: moon original oil painting DeLaRosa delarosa

As close as I've come to the master, Andreas Volle
Tags: calmoceansleeprestelectronicjoemonica

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
, and the kindness she had shown him. Peering into the moonlit gloom, he scanned the beach ahead of him and found her, just as she reached a narrow stairway carved into a sloping bluff. He called out to her
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

becoming fearless
The ebbing tide crashes along The moonlit beach. The ocean air is crisp and fresh as I take it all in, Every breath is like my last. The stars twinkle in the clear, night Sky above
Tags: Fearless

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
). Charity looked into the moonlit distance, almost wishing that she could breathe. How she longed to see her breath, watch it become mist and dance away. Sometimes simple things like that ached, even after
Tags: Short Story

I wrote this for my mother last Christmas. I live
Christmas day. We've never spent the holidays apart, And now I have this pain in my heart, For the first time we won't be together, But remember love goes on forever. If you look up at the moonlit night
Tags: Christmas Poetry missing you

Moonlit beach /St. George Island
Tags: Sea Scape

A poem i'd written at midnight of the thoughts and
The Moonlit Shine An eerie foe Lurking outside my window The moonlit shine Revealing his outline As the room glows dark There looks a spark Two, red and glowing Teeth clenched and growling Stay
Tags: Dark creature poetry goth Young Writer

Its not 100% but i already had it on my computer
Tags: I wrote this while i was working at a bea

This was written for a gal very dear to me quite s
Beautiful Like Moonlit Night By Matthew Ryan Herman Looking up at the sky last night, I was reminded of you. Shining bright, like a moonlit night. Thinking of you, as I stared at the stars. Seeing
Tags: Love beautiful moonlit winter soulmate light

Night Moonlit Waterfall
Tags: Night waterfall garden moon light