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with the flow... that's the best way to play music I think... not having certain music to read, just make it up as you go. :) -Ben Mullins
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

in the body of Christ! -Ben Mullins Verse 1: People always want proof That Jesus Christ exists. Lookin’ for hist'ry and facts To prove the bible is a fraud. But they’re missing one thing
Tags: proof of God Christianity Christian Jesus Ch

to be! "Sub-Chorus:" Show me the way! Lord, reveal Yourself to me! All vocals, guitars, and certain brass by Ben Mullins. :) Here's a comment from acidplanet.com... I'm starting to think maybe I should
Tags: Map Life Jesus Christian God Christ guide

My new song (as seen on iTunes / amazon / Rhapsody
Tags: austinmullinsaustin mullinssunsun'sgonnarisesunrisechristianmusicpopblues

Me and my guitar, jamming about the peace that sur
Tags: austinmullinsaustin mullinspeacesundaymorningchristianmusicpopblues

My cover of my favorite Chicago song. I love the s
Tags: austinmullinsaustin mullinschicagocovermusicpop256 to 4

My new song "Sun's Gonna Rise" (as heard on Amazon
Tags: austinmullinsaustin mullinssunsun'sgonnarisesunrisechristianmusicpopblues

as are: Ben Mullins: This is my regular voice... because it's me. :P Doov Groove - The silly one who is somewhat knowledgeable about things, but still considered "dumb." You may find his picture in some
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube

): Candice Bennett and Melissa Lovin - Vocals Tyler Bennett - beginner guitarist Mackenzie Baker - Bass Ben Mullins - Trumpet; guitar; trombone; piano; music arranger... oh yeah! :P Megan Harmon
Tags: youth band praise worship songs Christian Go

BOY! Music and Lyric by: Ben Mullins Verse One: I’ve been looking for a way out from this pain that I’ve caused In myself. I can’t take it anymore! Is there anything that can free my soul
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic Christian God Jesus

before I knew about this fact. :) -Ben Mullins P.S. - If you would, I ask (Christians) that you pray for me and this comic! I don't know what all plans God has for this idea of The Extraordinary
Tags: Bluetree Chris Tomlin God if This City Chri

-Japeise (of Han-Burgias). Art © 2009 by Ben Mullins Planet Rune Story © 2002 by Ben Mullins and Nathaniel Smith
Tags: Army fighting war Dune 2000 Red Alert 2 ta

is and how they can find it real to themselves! -Ben Mullins Copyright © 2009 by Ben Mullins
Tags: proof of God Jesus Christ Christian contempo

or 2002! This poster was made in 2009... as well as the drawings I drew which were also drawn in 2009 by Ben Mullins... or me
Tags: Barker Meowzer and & Foxalina animal crime

playing in my display picture that says "Ben Mullins" below it. I performed it for my church. I know it's not the best finger picking you've heard in your life, but I somewhat have a reason for that. I
Tags: The Doovie Brothers Worship song praise musi

created by me, Ben Mullins. :P But it's a neat song I guess. I'm not very good at lead guitar playing, but I really like how I did in this song! :) To find out who these Doovie Brothers are, check
Tags: live concert worship music praise song Chris

Down (Tomlin) -Agnus Dei (Michael W Smith) Exhalted (Tomlin) I Praise You (Ben Mullins) -I will Rise (Tomlin) Blessed be Your Name (Tree63) Here I Am to Worship Let the Worshippers Arise
Tags: CD compact disc art design Worship music pr

, that's a picture I drew of me at the beginning, because it's me talking. I'm Ben Mullins, and all the Doovie Brothers' voices. :P There are also other pictures are drawings of mine of The Doovie
Tags: Suicide suicidal life live free silly goofy

there to the people some way. :) -Ben Mullins
Tags: Christian super heroes story cartoon comic G

This is a song I wrote for a comic I created with my friend, Nathaniel Smith, called Star-Ben! Yes, this is Ben as in me, Ben Mullins. Me and Nathaniel loved to draw ourselves in our comics doing
Tags: Star Fox Starfox Star-Fox space sci-fi