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This is my first 3D animation from 2005. I am still very proud of this project and hope you enjoy
Tags: 3D animation toys fantasy animation art cartonn

Greetings Everyone My Name is Day but I go by my artist name Mystic Skillz. This is my upcoming project Night Crawlers. I have been such a fan in anime in the past, the hardcore action of animation
Tags: Awsome Phat Girls Anime

Here is an experimental thing where I'm turning my Sharpie® art, slowly, into animation. Right now, it's just "still" animation
Tags: Skid Row Shadow Denver Risley art still animation disturbing experimental

In my book there is some discussion about a more productive disposition for this type of character. Written, produced, directed, performed, etc. by Me. Original music = untitled 4-track recording
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint animation

A short spoof on the perils of space exploration. Written, produced, directed, performed, etc. by Me. Music = my version of a 1965 song by The Animals
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint animation

So anyway, it should be clear by now that I have a
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint animation music the beatles

Short tribute to the delightful bluegrass stylings of The Austin Lounge Lizards, and a healthy jab at fearless leader (also, my first video without using my own music
Tags: austin loungs lizards bluegrass original paint animation bush

This is a sample of my copyrighted/patented work. Meet the Bimblebears. My goal hopefully is to soon see these lil' guys available to children everywhere
Tags: acrylic painting bears animation children cartoons

This is a very big painting of the Gravedigger Monster Truck with a portrait of my friend's son in the driver's seat. The entire half of his room was painted monster truck theme and some other of his
Tags: painting portraits animation

This is #4 of 13 characters of my Bimblebears... I am previewing this pic because he is one of the characters featured on the cover of my future childrens' book that is still under construction
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

This, I believe is #5 of The Bimblebears. She too, is featured on the cover of my book in the making
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

Here is the sketch of the possible cover of my childrens' book in the making. All pen & ink bear sketches shown here are framed and currently on my wall while I'm working on the book. It would
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

This is an Animation About a Capital "A" getting anoyed with a lower case a that gets in the way of its morning jog, so it kicks it out of the way. only for the lower case at to get b and c to chase
Tags: linomation lino linoleum carving printmaking mark andrew webber art illustration graphic design cut animation

An animation of my logo. I have done several versions of this, however, this is my favorite one
Tags: animation art dragon airbrush ainting illustrator anime anthro

This is my logo for my art business. I am a freelance artist, specializing in the production of interior publication art, and cover art. The dragon using his airbrush as a flamethrower. I have
Tags: dragon art artist painter paint nude girl a

Her perky Pug animated gift for my daughter's MySpace page. 12 pics compiled from 1 photo & manipulated through Graphic Art and Animation
Tags: Graphic Artist Animation

A short song about a very embarrassing episode in my life
Tags: Song Funny Flash Animation Starwars C3PO Princess Leia

My spinning head
Tags: Animation spin

anotther one oy my stop motion clips
Tags: animation

this is one of my very first 3D animations...I have plans to re-edit it later and add some more animation to it, but thought I'd go ahead and share it 'as is' for now
Tags: 3D music video movie animations inspirational