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I made this poster to promote a big tournament for the Smash Bros. Brawl game, featuring my game crew Deadly Alliance
Tags: postervideogamesoniclinksmash bros

I made this for my cousin Jason AKA HellFox™ of Deadly Alliace™ for his bio on SmashGuardians™.com
Tags: Smash Bros.gamesphotoshop

on the computer. The realistic pictures of drums and instruments and all are from my Cakewalk Music Creator 3. But every picture you see of a Doovie Brother member, I drew and scanned
Tags: band cartoon album brothers doovie comic mus

My bro Alan (he's bosnian
Tags: Me & Alan

Covering some requests with more to get to. This time, it's selections from Todd Rundgren, Michael McDonald/Doobie Bros, Bob Dylan, The Band, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Johnny Cash, The Police, and Alan
Tags: Bob Dylan the Band Johnny Cash Michael McDonald

it. But this song is as real as I am! I wrote it when I was a sophomore in high school... which i wrote most of my Doovie Bros. stuff durring my sophomore year. It's very ballad-like. Six-eight time
Tags: Rich versus vs Poor Poverty help inner beau

Another song I wrote for my Doovie Brothers band. Se some of the pictures I have of them on here. I'm about positive that this song won't get fame because of all the farting and stupidity going
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic the bad guy Doovie

at Christmas in kc!!
Tags: me my bros

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
(That Toddlin Town) Crazy Words, Crazy Tune Downtown Strutters Ball Easter Parade Five Foot 2 For Me and My Gal In the Good Old Summertime Let Me Call You Sweetheart Lulus Back in Town Ma, She's Makin' Eyes
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

This was another one of our up beat songs that we played that everyone will love and listen to once again im playing bass and my bros on the guitar
Tags: Rock Pop

This is my version of the well known worship song, the Revelation Song I made for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... and maybe for me to sing for my church. :) Though in the doovie bros, I say
Tags: worship music praise song God Jesus Christ

A track speaking on when you meet a chick that you get along great with, but she keeps calling you a friend! I know all of my bros out here can feel
Tags: Smooth; Southern; Texas;

Truth be Told - late06
is for shows brings me thousands of hos all wearing no clothes so I round up my bros and follw this nose to the hos with the clothes on thefloes. As you look into my eyes you start to cry wondering why
Tags: 1

this is a song that i did with my bros, and as you know we had to rep for North Carolina. NC throw it up
Tags: ybb nc rap hip hop unsigned hot north caro

Song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... all vocals and guitars are me. Tried to show all three voices that I use as singers in the Doovie Band (Phil, Doov, and Toby). This song
Tags: suicide thoughts depresion attempts life livi

Here is my Doovie Bros' song, Shoot High!! If you don't know, The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band created by me. Art is by me, and their music and lyrics are by me... also, I "voice act" as each 7
Tags: suicide life thoughts depression dreams goals

Ok, here is my Doovie Brothers song, Until It's Gone... Doovie Bros are a cartoon band created by me, where I voice act as each 7 members, sing as each member (usually only 2 sing), play guitars
Tags: life cartoon band rock guitar until it's go

. The ones Dube does are from my previous Doov Dube and Duf stories and Doovie Bros songs... but the ones with reverd (like the deep ones) are on the track. Voice acting by Ben Mullins (Doov, Dube, Duf
Tags: voice acting cartoon aliens

the guitar solos in there rock as well... might have to upload the instrumental version too so you can hear it. :) This is also a song for my Doovie Bros cartoon band. :P Music and lyrics by Ben
Tags: hard rock athiest vs christian jesus christ

, but has a cool sound... a little brighter. I wrote this for my Doovie Bros cartoon band of mine, but if I were to sing this in front of my church, I'd sing with my natural voice. :P
Tags: faith athiest vs christian jesus christ God