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Pen and water colour on post card. Cute stuff for my daughter
Tags: water colour pen cats cartoon cute

A cartoon I made about mice. Mice who lived in my house
Tags: mice cartoon corey

Caricature of my father who died in 2002, © stip 2002
Tags: Cartoon Drawing Comic Caricature Sus 2002

Inspired my sense of art and music
Tags: Frank Zappa Caricature Comic Cartoon Drawing

Caricatures of band members. Our band's name then was: "Roger Dottery". I altered my hair and some other details
Tags: Caricature Cartoon Mute Albino

In a fit of anger, I ... drew!
Tags: Comic Drawing Welcome Head Cartoon Caricature

We carry the same name. My uncle has always been an inspiration to me. Died in 1993 (64) of Alzheimer. He was a simple, goodhearted yet sophisticated and humorous man, and a great artist as well
Tags: Drawing Painting Caricature Cartoon Comic Stef Vanstiphout tribute

My neighbor's son when he was 16 (David Vandegoor
Tags: Caricature Drawing Comic Cartoon David Metal Flying V

This is a quite sketch I did in pen of my boyfriend and I. I took my inspiration of a picture taken a couple years ago and went from
Tags: two kind boy girl pen ink contrast interesting cartoon characture white cute happy balanced

this is some of my vexels and vectors i made from my friends pictures
Tags: vectors vexels photoshop graphics cartoon style graphic design

some graphic i done for my friend in photoshop
Tags: vexels vectors photoshop graphics computer graphics graphic design cartoon style pictures

Photo retouching of my friend's mom done in phothoshop
Tags: vexels vectors photoshop graphics computer photo photoshop photo retouching graphics graphic design cartoon style pictures

This is one of my own drawings. It is a one of a kind dedicated to the wonderful Betty Boop cartoon. Xena Warrior Princess and Betty Boop are two of my favorite things. So I figured... why not see
Tags: Xena Warrior Princess Betty Boop

This is #4 of 13 characters of my Bimblebears... I am previewing this pic because he is one of the characters featured on the cover of my future childrens' book that is still under construction
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

This, I believe is #5 of The Bimblebears. She too, is featured on the cover of my book in the making
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

Here is the sketch of the possible cover of my childrens' book in the making. All pen & ink bear sketches shown here are framed and currently on my wall while I'm working on the book. It would
Tags: bears cartoon animation pen & ink

This was done free hand and done in my spare tym ive done a few eagles mostly because my best animal :) lol
Tags: Eagle Cartoon


Inspired by a beautiful photograph of my all time favorite, "Bette Davis". -digital illustration using vector graphics
Tags: "classic film" "film noir" "bette davis" night evening "new york" cartoon comic