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When life hands you lemons, squeeze
Tags: lemons squeeze hands nature me 2

come pretty close to me when I visited. I was about 2 feet away from him when I took this shot
Tags: reptile nature florida

I could sing so good... of course I've also been told that they didn't know I even had a voice. If you know me personally, you know what I mean. I literally don't say a thing out in public... just
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

Nature Lady: She sometimes goes by "Eve." Eve means "life" and she has the power to control plant life and nature... through God only. She can also restore one's health that really needs
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ Sup

This little chipmunk spent the day entertaining me! I caught him having a snack in a patch of clover! This is photo #1 in a 3-part story. See parts #2 and #3 in my media
Tags: chipmunk eat snack clover nature

the good news of Jesus Christ! In the center is Super-Christian, on the left is Gastro-Man, and on the right is Nature Lady. Each hero has a specific power that makes them different from one another
Tags: The Extraordinary League of Christianity supe

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
occasionally for no apparent reasonSign #2 They ask about you through mutual friends or family members.Sign #3 They are dating someone who looks and or acts suspiciously like you.Sign #4 - They still
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
through a situation that I have been in, gotten through, and helped MANY friends through as well. feel free to contact me any time with any questions you may have. When you try to win your ex
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
you like and things that you identify yourself with you are likely to come up with some great ideas. For example for me I love being outdoor and nature and so I like star tattoos a lot and nature themes
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

My number one job with couples is helping them fin
the playing field. Schedule a time when the two of you can sit and talk. If its possible, get to neutral territory. One of my closest friend told me that when her husband and herself were having
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

I'm glad these 2 bees were 2 busy to worry about me taking their picture! It could have been ugly
Tags: Bees flowers nature

(Human Nature Duet ft. SWV) 3. Girl is mine 4. I want you back 5. ABC 6. Liberian Girl 7. Remember the time 8. In the Closet 9. Baby be Mine 10. The Love you save 11. Bad 12. The Way you make me
Tags: michael jackson tribure mix mj jgunzz

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 The Descent to Power By R.M. Summerhill In the distant days, not long before the birth of King David of Israel, all the angels in Heaven held
Tags: short story

This is justa song I wrote.
it seems when I think of you. Youre like a candle in a sea of darkness Tryin hard not to be put out. An unstoppable force of nature So impossible for me to live without! Mmmmm oh oh oh wo-oh
Tags: rock song music what to do without you lov

else it is that BORED lonely Mommies do...THEN you'll probably find me SIMSING!!!:) Ok..welpsies...I began this Sims Story (or book...depending on how far I get w/ it lol) about 3 or 4 months
: She wasnt surprised at Grannys reaction, yet she had never seen Granny go at Dan like this before. Bringing this to my home? Its completely disrespectful not only of me but, of your wife
Tags: The Sims Sims Sims 2 Sims 3 Story Minnow Island Fantasy Fiction Romance Family

Michael and I went to Calfornia in 2009.
in the parking garage is called Embrace. Laguna Beach was a big deal. It reminded me of Daytona. Michael wanted to go there because of the TV show of the same name. We drove to Laguna Beach down the Pacific
Tags: Jim Colyer Michael Colyer west California Sequ

SHE DA BOMB! 5 feet 10 in her stocking feet She's the one taught me how to eat She's the one I worship Got me on my knees Sturdy long legs Drive me all night long She's the one who
Tags: Jim Colyer phoenix country music Nashville

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
retarded the growth of science with ghosts, witches and fairies. No wonder, the people who settled in America knew so little about the nature of the cosmos. Things were changing. Europe was expanding
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Jim Colyer writes about astronomy.
sites. It interested me that BSAS met an hour down Natchez Trace, far from city lights. Eagle-eye E. E. Barnard (1857-1923) was born in Nashville. He was a great observer and discovered the first
Tags: Jim Colyer asronomy stars planets moon sun g

Jim and Michael head west.
garage is called Embrace. Laguna Beach was a big deal. It reminded me of Daytona. Michael wanted to go there because of the TV show of the same name. We drove to Laguna Beach down the Pacific Coast
Tags: Jim Colyer Washington D.C. Las Vegas Grand Can