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Ouch! This is a Gooseberry, they have thorns on t
Tags: gooseberry nearly ripe

A downtempo epic lasting nearly 9 minutes. Loads of ear candy for the electronic fan
Tags: Variable Frequencytrip hop ambient downtempo

to be a little bigger than a ferret. The tail was very thick, and nearly as long as the body. It swam away under the water
Tags: river otter nature

In Britain we are being taken over by these things. Why people here buy them is beyond me in most cases. I nearly got run off the road a few years ago by one of these quarter wits and wrote
Tags: four by four moorons arrogant gits

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the script: Asher asked all of his friends to meet him at the "Cafe Chocolat" On the way Shadow decided to do some dashing in between cars and was Nearly hit by a Mercedes...but was saved
Tags: Friends Asher Shadow Edmund Matteo Gina

-snoot. All save Geaudeux (go-DOO) -- or, “simply Van,” as he insisted she call him. Naturally, he could not abide with any of them, for his heart nearly leapt from its cage whenever he caught sight of his
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

Nearly 3,000 American flags were placed on the lawn of our Statehouse building on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 (2008). My son, born in 2006, walked quietly among the markers and even
Tags: 9/11 Memorial American patriotic Statehouse C

I nearly stepped on this little personality of a mushroom and it captured my attention
Tags: Shroom Nature Forest Rustic Contest

This species of antelope is nearly extinct in the wild,but a handful of zoos around the world have breeding programs so oneday,maybe they can save these magnificent animals.World Wildlife zoo,Az
Tags: Nature Imagery

nearly full length view, eyes closed, blue background
Tags: eyes closed

this plant is called the goldfish plant its blooms really looks like little gold fish there so cute. and not nearly as messy . lol
Tags: plants

, but to no avail. It stayed there, haunting me for nearly half a year. But finally, on the "third time...", I got it. Ah....now I can sleep again
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

this song is written to my grandfather sort of a dedication to mentors its emotional i had to play this the day after the funeral twice for family i nearly broke down its a good way of remembering my
Tags: tribute

This photograph was taken at Silver Falls State Park during the summer of 2008. It is nearly impossible to not get a spectacular photograph within the park. Oregon is breathtaking
Tags: forest silver falls waterfall moss sunlight

Lester loved to play with guns and bullets. Granted, the bullet up the nose was harmless enough ...later on, when high on weed, he nearly shot his right eye out
Tags: Weije Studebaker old cars bullets

Exact replica of clay relief of Mayan culture. Nearly 18 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 1/2 inch in depth
Tags: mayanClay

till nearly 90 years
Tags: sport art fitness hobby Deco synchronised sw

A falcon keeps a watchful eye from a cliff side off the island of Tobago. I watched for nearly an hour as he swept from his perch and majestically sailed across the Caribbean Sea in search of prey
Tags: Bird bird of prey falcon cliff caribbean phot

Taken nearly 5 years ago....hopefully the gap will soon start to lessen and the "hole" will turn to "whole
Tags: Weije Election 2004 unrest divisiveness

I just discovered the camel i was given as a gift, sings!!! i sat on it and nearly pat my shanties
Tags: camel danielle talking