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My 1994 Mustang GT, with a reflection of my neighbors houses
Tags: 1994 Mustang GT

Taken through the neighbors tree. Kind of eerie looking
Tags: moon trees light silhouette

First snow day... the neighbors house... ;o) 11-20-09
Tags: 1st snow day neighbors house landscape

One of my neighbors building a snow fort
Tags: S.Staley

This shot is part of my fashion portfolio. We were shooting at a neighbors house but they were tearing down a house down the street but it started to rain so the crew took off and we decided to take
Tags: sani aleksandra alexandra bralo bosnian absol

My neighbors sunflower
Tags: Sunflower flower nature color photo

Picture taken at Tall Timbers campground of my neighbors flower
Tags: Yellow flower

In my neighbors yard this spring there were ten ducklings and their mother
Tags: ducks babies cute ducklings adorable

Can anyone out there tell me what these flowers are called?I shot this many years ago in my neighbors garden
Tags: Nature Imagery

This is a picture of my neighbors son Kaden
Tags: Portraits Pencil Art

Photo taken in my neighbors garden in N.J. 1984
Tags: Nature Imagery

I am forever shooting the neighbors horses. I treat them to carrots or apple slices and they have learned they get treats from me
Tags: horses fall animals

This is one of our neighbors horses. Her name is Precious and that she truely
Tags: horse pet head

This is another of the neighbors horses. His name is Shamus and he happens to be my grndsons favorite
Tags: horse pet head

This was a neighbors 3 month old puppy in a resort we stayed in. She was cute as could be and a ton of fun to shoot
Tags: puppy closeup dressup

This was done with gouache paint on watercolor paper from a photograph I took of flowers growing in my neighbors yard. It's dimensions are aprox 5 x 8 inches
Tags: Flower floral botanical pink cosmos garden g

Another one of my neighbors rescued horses that likes to wait for treats by my backyard fence
Tags: horses nature

a photo of our outdoor display. The neighbors think we are the Griswald’s from the popular Christmas movie, “Christmas Vacation.” We do extreme decorating! We add new things each year as well as change
Tags: christmas chicago holidays

Neighbors dog, on my walk
Tags: photographydogdigitalhuskydoghouse

they're kind of pale.
Tags: vampires ink watercolor