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Adorable PRINCE SPERM! This image is available on
Tags: smiley spermcute sperm sperm smiling smiley face sperm sexysexsafe sexprincegeeknerdfunnyhumorsillyhivAIDShealthsciencecreationconceptiondatingboys

lol i am a nerd
Tags: folk

Some of my earlier work.
Tags: hip-hop unsigned alternative rap pop r&b electronic star trak pharrell NERD N*E*R*D* big bang Wading Phoenix Japan J-Rap Yakko for Aquarius

Nerd Love
Tags: vector cartoon Nerd Love Geek

No, I'm not oa trouble maker or a fan of trouble making, just a Need 4 Speed nerd. :P That game is so cool! Driving around being chased by the cops! So exciting... not in real life though. :P Ha
Tags: needforspeed need for speed cars hot pursuit

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
times to check out some books (Hes a nerd) and Alex blushed every time their eyes met. Meea (surprisingly) has a boyfriend too, named Sean Russell. Leahs boyfriend is Keith Thomas. Meeas little 11
Tags: Maddie

Acting Resume
Solo Creation /Performance Alexander Technique Stage Make up Cici Winters Nerd Girl Jess (Lead) Gloria (Lead) Jen (supporting) Reporter Ben Affleck Red Chess Queen Dorothy
Tags: Acting Resume

Tags: ddxm

josh,very random video!!!About a annoying nerd messing with a trashcan man,who will win,the argument?No cussing in this one,a change for Jlink
Tags: random

Nerds are fun... styling/designed by Thang
Tags: fashion

Silly punk song me and Austin Batterton wrote. Thi
Tags: funny abomination buff nerdy muscle geek squad nerd Christian God Jesus Christ judge

more of the same sample-photos of me showing how nerd and weird i am
Tags: actor design graphic art

Eunice got a job. She is now better than Tim-Tim... She is not a hooker. I swear. He got him some glasses, like the nerd he
Tags: funny comedy improv jokes athens georgia tam

Super Nerd wanted to show people what he's like
Tags: nerd

special"K" and his nerd look...we like to cal him "snow flake
Tags: glasses promo photos people photography

me wearing my homemade nerd glasses
Tags: me