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Taken during the day
Tags: wind

Short Story on life in my home with children~
or just skates....say NO!!! There a danger to moms every where you may have to kiss a butt...... So till next time.....Buh-bye...Hugs and Nitey Nite from The Cyrpt Keeper Sheri
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Short story of life at home~
Tags: By sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote
Away from me Away from me my feelings go Tofind a place to sit Happiness follows for I can control my mind I can see the stars rise from dark skies togreet me each nite. With a breeze that comes
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Poem of voices some people hear when they have a m
to pop!I hear them tell me to do crazy things that others would not think of such things.I wish at times to be left alone without these things running all nite thru my mind.I can't get out of the past
Tags: S.Staley

Writing on a mothers life
145043.txtTo Be A Mother~To be a mother, oh me oh my..the things you get into could make you cry.The boo-boo's to kiss,the homework to help with..& what about the late nite wake up from your heavenly
Tags: S.Staley

moon on a clear nite
Tags: S.Staley

this frog seems to like to attack us at nite right outside our front door
Tags: a frog

"Whatchu Waiting For?" - Couple's piece "Whatever You Wanna Do" - Janet Jackson's "All Nite" - Juelz Santana's "Rumble Young Man Rumble" Filming credit: Wesley Chan. Choreography credit: Dee
Tags: Ascension Hip Hop Sun God performance 2006

internet comedy show
Tags: tim and eric nite live

Tags: hotnewr&b musicfirstsexyseductivefemale

Sambone the Hambone is a very photogenic kinda guy
Tags: dog

a full moon lighting up the sky
Tags: moon

One of the critters that comes by for a bite to eat at nite
Tags: oppossum christmas

Tis tune is fah wen yuh in de clud an yuh see ah hot gal dat yuh haffi get an yuh find out she likes yuh to and want more time to to... well de nite just begun
Tags: Gonna Be

The largest Great Horned Owl I've seen. Rarely do
Tags: owl large midnight

Flyer for a Nite Club New Year's Party
Tags: Nite Club Flyer Graphic Design Art Rave Party Hot

the first song i ever put down in a studio ever th
Tags: one nite stand 1 night stand Apreal Young Fresh

This is half the result of being at a local bar &
Tags: Bar Highway Tower Moon

Same nite
Tags: DJ Cherokee