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About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
...she whines....but helpsfinally the kitchen looks like one. She eats her grapes.....but I walk down the hall and notice a towel duck into the bathroom.....do I even want to know???????? Nope I don't
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Black & white of Mt. Huff, Plumas County, CA, March 26,2010 I didn't notice the face until Janese pointed it out to me. I live in Indian Valley, so we'll call him Indian Head 2. There is another
Tags: mt huff black white plumas county ca

I would describe this as even though he's an angel he's still feels sad and angry. And if you notice on his knuckles I put the words hate on them under the white X. But still not all angels are gold
Tags: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b276/Biajon16/be

Benten is the Japanese Goddess of art . you will notice that she is only wearing a bathing suit. The kimono is entirely painted on her and the background
Tags: Bodypaintign Benten painting body painting ma

I had the choice of the picture like this or a darker one with the glare in the corner of the shot, but i chose this one because you can notice the boots in it!! XD
Tags: Weezel

This digital photograph was taken around noon, on a warm summer day. Somehow, I managed to capture some beauty and vibrant color in an otherwise overgrown garden, full of weeeds. Notice the texture
Tags: scenery floral

This photo was taken before the big storm of december'07 and no other can ever be taken like it as the tree snag in the front was destryed by the hurricane force winds. Take notice of the clarity
Tags: ocean coast beach

A Closeup of a red eyed Dragonfly... notice the shadows of the wings lace pattern on the leaves, and thesmall white fly on its left wing
Tags: insects macro red eyed

While hiking in the Superstition Mts.,near Apache Junction,Az.,I noticed this strange rock formation.Look close to get an idea how big it is,notice large cactus below it! 1991
Tags: Landscape Imagery

Freestyled^^ this one's pretty old too but alot of youtubers like it so see if taltopia will like it too[= i notice i did repeat steps in here a lot so sorry about
Tags: Big BangKoreanWith UEnglish

Hehe My fave song^_^ I notice i lost a bit rythme when i was dancing but its all good=] Enjoy! and subscribe if you like
Tags: DBSKTVXQdong bang shin kipurple linekorean

it without even noticing it was there. I couldn't help but notice the beauty of this image. The analogous colours of the leaves, wall and door work coherently together to create a beautiful image
Tags: brett mortensen photography france door

Some stuff that I drew. I like to make up anime characters and draw them. I give them backround stories and some might notice that i have a few favorites by the way I redraw them alot
Tags: Anime manga

Picture taken in Menomonee Falls Wiscosnin, around noon, in the middle of a park. As you notice it is all alone
Tags: Dandelion Sepia Macro

I didn't notice the seagulls handicap until I uploaded the pics from my camera. I was told that baby sharks nab their leg's and feet as they are afloat on the ocean
Tags: seagull beach handicapped

15 X 23 inches painting (acrylic on canvas) Notice her foot ends as a brush for painting which denotes her creative nature
Tags: acrylic fabric

notice the crack in the finish? she's been around... almost 40 years now
Tags: guitar

notice the plane
Tags: indianapolis indiana

I love to photograph butterflies if you didn't notice---here is a front view
Tags: butterfly

and didn't notice a difference until I got home and downloaded the pics. I noticed the orbs in the first picture, and only the first picture - They were gone in the proceeding pictures, taken within
Tags: korea travel spooky eeria ghost spirit haunt