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on the roadside in arizona someoens idea of art, or collections. old bicycles piled up
Tags: old bikes pile of junk odd collections travel in arizona mountain of old bikes

another shot of someones idea of art, or just a strange collection
Tags: odd bits odd collections old bikes bicycles different collections old junk

still another pics of someones odd collections or their concept of art
Tags: motorcycles old cycles odd collections found on the roadside odd art strange collections interesting stuff

This is an abandoned barn from Valley Forge. What attracted me to the barn was it's odd ability to instill unease. The windows at the top are like eyes to me, their shape and wear silently tells
Tags: barn old view camera film 4x5 black and white valley forge photography photo art abandoned

just one of those thing that happen to catch my ey
Tags: buildlings art city views odd bits strange views travel destinations

love on the rocks...yard art
Tags: love rocks letters concept strange views odd bits

a painting on the wall in some off the road stop
Tags: log cabins art work wall paintiangs strange views odd bits

carved watermellon display
Tags: watermellon fruit food art odd bits

was waiting for lunch the other day...waitress put
Tags: photography strange views odd bits photo art lunch time

wouldn't you take a pciture of this?
Tags: art wood strange views odd things modern art

lights under the canopy enterance to new york new
Tags: lights neon lights odd bits las vegas sights las vegas at night looking up travel

on the wall in someplace i stopped on the road
Tags: paintings wall art photogrpahy odd bits mountain lakes

now this is something even I have trouble explaing
Tags: photo art reflections strange views odd bits photography

just a big "X" in the sky
Tags: photogrpahy strange views odd bits fun stuff sky art

before, and it sounded odd without vocals, so I decided to try and sing the last chorus. That was hard for me to sing that high!!! :D Thank goodness for the G-Snap pitch correction I use... I have
Tags: Christian "super-hero" comics comic action God "Jesus Christ" Jesus Christ original music theme song animation art

Waking on a camping trip to see the worlds reality
Tags: dimensional art

saw wthis on a table
Tags: books art strange views odd bits photography