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shadows on the wall of an open pit mine
Tags: nature trees flowers reflections travel scenic odd bits shadows mines mining

another shot of someones idea of art, or just a st
Tags: odd bits odd collections old bikes bicycles different collections old junk

a photo of a cow horn boat of a mirror
Tags: ships boats mirrors reflections concepts odd bits

a reflection of a neon sign on a highly polished m
Tags: neon signs reflections floors conceptual photos odd bits signs

old time street lights on the river walk in laughl
Tags: lights lamps walkways travel oldtime night shots odd bits concepts nevada places to go

fungus on a stump
Tags: in the woods fungus travel close ups odd bits nature

stacks of quarters on a mirror...available on bigs
Tags: money mirros currency odd bits concepts strange views

quarters on a mirror
Tags: money coins mirrors reflections strange views odd bits currency

broken glass at roy's on rt. 66
Tags: travel destinations odd bits. strange stuff

fireworks new year's eve
Tags: fireworks new year's eve night shot odd bits

an old rusty beer can i found on the side of old r
Tags: cans garbage odd bits strange views travel us highways

a pile of rusting cans in the calif. desert on old
Tags: travel garbage odd bits strange view destinations old rte. 66

a green caterpillar in the forest inches across my
Tags: insects bugs crawling forest travel odd bits stange views nature

a raindrop on a leaf
Tags: raindrops close up odd bits strange views

raindrops on an orange
Tags: nature odd bits strange views raindrops extreme close ups

slider keys on a sound board (macro)
Tags: macro close up music sound boards sliders faders at the gig odd bits strange views

the 5k slider on a graphic equalizer
Tags: equalizers music sound gear odd bits stramge views marco close ups

gum balls in a machine at the mall
Tags: odd bits gum chewing gum bubble gum strange views

a ford focus reflctions in the glass top
Tags: reflections cars car shows concept odd bits strange views

hall of classic neon signs
Tags: odd bits old signs neon signs car shows strange views