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GOt really bored...It's raining out but too lazy t
Tags: Okay last pic of me

It's okay
Tags: daisy not perfect okay photography nature

This here was a drawing for someone on myspace. His account got deleted, so I've not been able to give it to him yet. It didn't turn out as I wanted it to, but it's okay
Tags: Cindy Smith vampire

another picture of me..I cant really afford a photoshoot or anything like that, so I figured Id just post some images of me...Its okay to hope I guess
Tags: another picture of me

okay picture
Tags: okay picture

Me and my silly attempts at looking okay haha
Tags: Myself Brianna Modeling

This is a cover I did of the intro to the song "I'm Not Okay" by My Chemical Romance. The sound quality is not amazing, but it's the best I have for now. I recorded the two guitar parts separately
Tags: I'm not okay my chemical romance guitar cover

I have a evil sona, and evil characters who want to kill me. Combine the two and you get blood. :D I hope this is okay to post, it just red pain. XD Well they encourage your complete cooperation
Tags: blood kira skulzy

okay a few things b4 u watch this... 1. sorry about the automated voice at the beginning...my computer has this automated voice thing and i don't know how to turn it off. sry. 2. i know the album
Tags: singing not very good please don't watch th

Okay, so I'm pretty much addicted to house plants.... and this is my latest addition to the bunch
Tags: nature wildflower

First single and recording. Be Okay is me talking to my girlfriend, dealing with the issues and problems of jealous friends and my local fame
Tags: be okay r&b soul singing

Just a lil' appetizer...
Tags: black suede hip hop r and b good music ra

Inkified Inc. is a company that represents those o
Tags: INKified Inc. WE. HERE. NOW!

Okay......I edited this one in photoshop. LOL
Tags: edited fly insect

Pretending to be okay when you're
Tags: self portraits jessie

bodyshot babyy!! =] that was in my messy room but thats okay ... this is one of my fav pics cuz i feel its different then typical pics i would usually take
Tags: body shot of ~Bri~

Okay.....repeat after me....tongue to nose....tongue to nose...ect.ect.ect. LOL
Tags: funny pooch tongue

"Dont't be sad! It's okay
Tags: portrait kids childern

At A Special Event This Lady Wanted To Know "WHY ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES?" In a very cranky old voice. Note: It was okay to take photos at this event. Note: Click On Image To View this image LARGE
Tags: photography old lady face portrait

okay im mirror picture haha
Tags: pretty