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I was so excited to finally get a shot of this Osprey that fly's around Round Valley, at my fishing spot. He's actually looking right at me, as he flew over my head. 7-11-09
Tags: Osprey

Tags: Osprey ~ 2

Found this Osprey in the Nevada Desert, quite a surprise to see it here, it was near a body of water
Tags: Osprey nevada nature

Osprey scouting for food at Lake Almanor, CA Taken on May 4, 2011
Tags: Osprey Lake Almanor CA May 4 2011 Nature

A shot of a Osprey Hawk landing in her nest
Tags: birdswildlifeanimalsflyinglandingnestsky

A nest full of Osprey Hawks
Tags: birds hawks wildlifenatureflying

These raptors are more commonly known as Osprey,I photographed this one after it landed from an unsuccessful hunt.That's why he looks so pissed-off. Caladesi Island St. park,Fl. 2006
Tags: Nature Imagery

A young osprey wondering if my kayak is just a large fish...Weije
Tags: Weije photography osprey

An osprey coming in for a landing at its perch at Falls Lake, NC
Tags: Weije art photography osprey

A young osprey keeping an eye out-Weije
Tags: Weije art photography osprey

An osprey on final approach, cleared to land...Weije
Tags: Weije art photography osprey

An osprey getting some carry out for the family back at home...Weije
Tags: Weije art osprey fish

A double-dipping osprey loses its grip on one of her catches and it's look out below
Tags: Weije photography osprey bombers

A young osprey getting set to fly the nest
Tags: Weije photography osprey flying the coop

A true master of the art...
Tags: Weije photography osprey maestros

An osprey locks on and wonders if I be friend, foe, or food
Tags: Weije photography osprey

An osprey giving a fish a good ribbing
Tags: Weije photography osprey unlucky fish Air vs Sea

The dream was vivid, lifelike in all details. I c
Tags: Weije osprey bird houses tables turned

Found a new nest of Osprey yesterday
Tags: natureflowers orange cosmosdew morninglandsc

Two Osprey and their nest at Wolf's Neck Woods State Park in Freeport, Maine
Tags: Digital Photography Wildlife Photography