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the freedom of a thousand worlds, My One True Love Unclothed and Alive, tear your mortal chains; give in to the Truth of my stare, the grass of my eyes; flow with the rhythm of my touch
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

This is just a flow I wrote about how I'm tryin to make it into the rap game coming out of NWA - " North West Arkansas" born and raised. It's not my beat but everything else is all me. They call me
Tags: Rap

Allow this painting to take you to a far out place in our universe. Orange and Violet gases flow around a comet bursting through space. Some Scientists say Saturns largest moon, Titan, may have
Tags: universe purple orange Titan comet meteroite

played this for my home church as well as a small church in St. Paul Virginia near Hamlin. They seemed to get a kick out of it! Of course they probably weren't used to an instrument as loud
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

and go with the flow But they don't seem to move very It's such a drag when truth is told It leads everybody astray Some Of The Things left behind hurt in the worst way nothin' could be done

Another poem
112917.txtThe battle between angels and demonsA Poem by Summer R It is this nightThey do take flightTo carry out this bloody fightThrough the air, they soar so highKnowing that some will die Up from
Tags: angelsdemonssatanhatewarbloodtormentarmaged

should really be doing...if you get what I mean. ahem. Enjoy. CAUGHT PROCRASTINATING Caught procrastinating, with my trousers down, I was hoping you'd gone out, Rearanging my draws
Tags: products of monkey love podcast multiverse expl

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
_____________________________ In the half-light of a midwinters eve a young man staggered out of the rolling surf and dropped to his scaly knees, convulsing as he struggled to remove the creature
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

Punks are drawing to the symbolism of true north a
they decide to connect them all together into one large design. The second way is to start out with a blank slate and completely do the design at one time. Individual Tattoos: One way to get a full
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
the breakup. It is essential to figure out what caused the break up. What were some things about him that you couldn't stand? Just as easily, what were some of the things he couldn't stand about you? Were
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
. First, ask yourself four important questions. These are in fact important questions when it draw closer to figuring out how to get your ex boyfriend back. - Is the matter that caused the breakup
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
128760.txtIf you and your ex still love each other, you would keep saying I love you but wouldnt go out that would be okay right? Wrong. Well what if you and your ex stilllove each other going back
Tags: I love you hate you

Lady Gaga Arab Money (remix) - Busta Rhymes ft Diddy, Ron Browz, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon & Lil Wayne Jumping Out The Window - Ron Browz Shake That Monkey - Too Short ft Lil Jon Blow The Whistle
Tags: summer jam 209 electro house hiphop

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
Adam and Eve were full of the Knowledge. They knew of their own nakedness and many, many other things before you cast them out of Eden. I know all of these things, but I don't know why.... My God, I
Tags: short story

A short story I wrote for a friend.
there bleeding to death. When all the blood drained out of her body, she took one last look at the lake, and smiled slightly as her visioned blurred. She watched her blood flow down into the lake
Tags: Vanessa Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
, Yuan took the blade, and put it to Cairyn's other arm. Putting pressure on the metal, it cut her arm like butter. Seeing the crimson liquid flow down her arm, Cairyn felt numbness go throughout her
Tags: Cairyn Horror Death

A story I wrote for my friend after he woke me up.
at the door, Armand let out a small scream equivalent to a 2nd grade girl before running into the next room. "Armand! Open the damn door!" Eyes wide, Josuel walked quietly over to the door. Being
Tags: Armand Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
it towards the opening of the cave and dropped the body onto the ground. Taking out his knife again, Typhus dug it into Dan's neck and dragged it down making a small opening. Watching the blood flow out
Tags: Dan Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
with blood lust, Josh put more pressure onto Tucker's neck letting more blood flow out until the main nerve was barely visible. "Dix stop being so damn lazy and help me." Josh growled glaring at the girl
Tags: Tucker Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
As Vinny lay on his bed in his dorm room, an uneasy feeling flooded through his body. Looking around, Vinny shrugged and looked back at his ceiling zoning out. Hearing snaps and cracks from around
Tags: Vinny Horror Death