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Taltopia (formerly Taltopia) was recently featured as a sponsor at the first annual Hollywood Cure For Pain, an organization determined to raise awareness for chronic pain diseases
Tags: Taltopia.com hollywood cure for pain sponsor

this is a poem I wrote about a year ago...
relize after all the pain and storms that with ourselves the light is inside and something good was done. So remember my dear friends and loved ones, when life gets you down and the storms come
Tags: by Sheryl Staley

A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
God Bless the mentally Ill... God bless the mentally ill as they live a life of trials, It's a roller coaster of everyday good & bad... Never being solved. For their lives are full of hurt & pain
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote
from the moon light. For I hold my wishes And deal with the pain later,inspite of the hard times my soul flies. To lift the feelings I have inside I always feel the pain but why dwell
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

My look on love & how I feel about it....
,but in friendship it is there.For why do we see so much pain &For a small price not see the love & caring that is out there?The grief needs to stop for a time and love can concur all places you want.I
Tags: S.Staley

poem on a wet windy day~
crash down on me.. What a pain!! I need this all to stop! But what is it I see from far away But a bit of sun..maybe it will be yet a good day~ The wind starts to die down,& the clouds roll away..rain
Tags: S.Staley

A Poem
Pain of losing by Sheryl M Staley Why do I always lose everything I touch Why does it hurt so much Why can't I win one thing for losing is the only thing I know
Tags: S.Staley

will soften the Realms of Silence, easing the pain of my reckless glance back, our broken hearts your Second Death Prophetic oracles have spoken of our nuptial eternity, do wait for me, My Lost
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

This was my first wire sculpture. It was a pain in the...hands. It turned out better than expected
Tags: hearse wire sculpture death

DramaCide Ridaz and Jive recording artist T-Pain send a message to the haterz
Tags: Dramacide Ridaz T-Pain Fall Back

These are two negitives put together. The marks on
Tags: Black and White Photography

This is a picture that sums up my childhood. a man
Tags: timmy abduction hell death fire pain heute ist mein tag

Collage of images from the film FALLOUT, used to p
Tags: Fallout War Death Pain Misery Life Hate Sadness Regret

This song was inspired by the loss of my mother, s
Tags: Pain Strain Joktan

Did a photoshoot with my sister and her bf. ..this
Tags: Love hurts love pain violence knives lust restraint oils portrait realism

A WORLD OF PAIN By Clay Elliott Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 24" x 36" 2006
Tags: painting portrait the big lebowski walter sobch

- The Air Between 7. Blake Jarrell Vs. Dane Cook - Dude I Just Wanna Dance (Jason Pe Edit) 8. Dada feat. Sandy Rivera - Lollipop 9. Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away 10.Sander Van Doorn - A.K.A.
Tags: ancient history jason jason pe trance house

a fear of constant pain They never say hello Because they never say goodbye They never say hello Because there’s no room to fade away There’s no room to fade away There’s a place where I found
Tags: acoustic song goodbye songwriter

This is a poem with music, about how families are torn apart due to war whatever country they may be from. War to me is senseless and there is so much unnessary pain for a lot of people
Tags: Fields of war soldiers scrambled eggs