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oil painting...oil on canvass
Tags: art paint painting

naked lady with with rainbow of colors surrounding
Tags: art paint painting lady naked color artist

creating something with paint shop pro
Tags: paint shopcomputerlinescolorartkillian

i did the design in the cheap paint program that comes on every cpu then put it in corel draw 8 for the color change
Tags: Artdigitalgraphiceyestareyestar

this is another one i did but the color's are the same as they where in the paint program. then i put it in corel draw 8 and did the wet paint and lens flare from the eye
Tags: Artdigitalgraphic

Water color paint and ink on cold-press strathmore
Tags: Poster style double portrait

this is my game board piece, it has different piec
Tags: color pencilpaint and pastel

My messy water color set, I should have drawn paint on the floor to go
Tags: watercolor drawing cute wood floor painting set brush paintbursh color water happiness smiley handprint

Spot painting done in Gouache paint of a still life set off by a shadow
Tags: Spot Color Painting Gouache Painting Painting

This was an attempt to emulate Van Gogh's bold color and application of paint. He is still one of my favorite painters
Tags: oil painting Landscape

My bday gift to my cousin Jay!
Tags: color design graphic spray paint space

This is a picture I drew of my sisters and I. I then used watercolor pencil and a wet paint brush to add the color
Tags: art fairies sisters watercolor

This is my newest watercolor for charity. I call it “Thoughts of the San Juan Islands”. I was looking through some of my photos of the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, Victoria and started to paint
Tags: San Juan Islands Laura Normandin North of Seattle ocean beach sunset sunrise romantic mood purple majesty purple sky original watercolor original watercolour water color WA

3ft x 8ft Photography ,Oil Paint 75 Labor Hours. I digitally stitched 250 Photographs and printed it out in black and white on canvas. Than I mounted it on plywood. I printed it out again in color
Tags: 3-d photo

This is a "ribbon" Peruvian mahogany back to one of my personal guitars. Though I did not stain it I came up with the custom color combo on it. The back is " antiqued" with an amber colored laquer
Tags: guitar stain wood color custom

very simply, then see how many ways I could render, shade, color, paint the truck as a series
Tags: Old Truck pen ink drawing

This was inspired by a photo I took of our Victoria Water lily when we first put it in the pond, it was dark and the color captured on the photo made me want to paint it with vivid explosive color
Tags: Oil Painting abstract painting water lily painti

Photograph of acrylic paints and paint brushes
Tags: still life art paint color photograph

Original is SOLD - I can paint you another sunset. Each painting is unique. After I paint it, I will send you a picture of the finished painting. You can decide if you want it at that time
Tags: original abstract painting fabric dimension modern art contemporary texture professional quality acrylics folded art unique exotic frame color sunset

Acrylic paints and paint brush
Tags: color still life photograph picture art