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Pieces of our tree the landlord is cutting down in our front yard
Tags: S.Staley

Another drawing I've done. Just a random one I did
Tags: Illustration

This piece is the smallest piece I have made yet. When working with glass small means difficult. I paid very close attention to the detail – using different shattered pieces in each subject
Tags: glass art stain glass other

this is a short skit/mix/thing i made about a year ago with clips from nickelback, the used, duke nukem 3d, the used, duke nukem 3d, and Alien ant farm (in that order), the pieces are all copyright
Tags: mix used nickelback duke nukem alien ant fa

Silly drunk clowns... This was created using a scrolsaw to cut all the (now)colored pieces out of a 2ft x 2ft piece of MDF. The pieces were then painted with acrylics and glued back together
Tags: scrollsaw painting art artist wood acrylic

This is one of many spontaneous pieces up for interpratation
Tags: art original expressionism

this is my game board piece, it has different pieces from other board games...so ltes play
Tags: color pencilpaint and pastel

This is another one of those pieces so old I can't remember why or when I wrote it...(probably 20 years or so ago). I really like performing this piece, but I can't stand recording it or listening
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

48x48 acrylic on canvas This is one of the pieces in the Reflections series, recently completed and currently being shown in Denver. This is a series dealing with the emotional process
Tags: painting acrylic secret reflections reflection

become a script and now we needed cast and crew. After the missing pieces to the puzzle were found, everything blended beautiful, we prepared for the worst circumstances, knowing we could make the best out
Tags: Parallel Cut Edgar Metro-Marcel Films Gotti Ma

). This is one of the few "darker" pieces I have where I was basically expressing my anger and wrote this piece instead of doing something stupid. It's a solo piece on my steel string guitar
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

its just too bad you can't see the leopard print f
Tags: oil on canvas sculpted pieces

, I received an F for the project, which I was really angry about (the turtle looked very different then than it does now). Well, I re-glazed it and put all of the pieces back together and ended up
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle

Please check out my website for additional handmade jewelry pieces. http://www.lildid.etsy.com This piece consists of black faceted glass, jade nuggets, turquoise wooden beads, cherry quartz
Tags: Jewelry Handemade Gemstones Artisan

Tags: games pieces collectibles

prisma pastels and prisma coloured pencils
Tags: Still Life Drawing Fruit Colours

haunted by a melody for the past several months that I originally wanted to bring out in a guitar piece. But, for whatever reason, it just never worked out that way. However, bits and pieces
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

this is and oil pastel project I did. The object of the project was to draw 3 similar objects on the page. Then to separate the piece of paper into 6-8 pieces and trace those lines, and the objects
Tags: oil pastel rainbow hippie madness hippie color