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just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
174168.txtFlower..You see them grow during the spring but how do they get there?Have you ever gotten your hands dirty by playing in the dirt to plant the seedling?Every fall I play in the dirt
Tags: S.Staley

on the planet gets a one time showing at their small cinema. Written, directed, and starring Sean Farley. I play King Soloman
Tags: moviefunnylaughseanfarleysurvivingtherusht

This is a song that I learned a long time ago and still can't play it like Joe does
Tags: Joe Satriani Guitar Instrumental Ballad Love S

I write my lifes' story on this here guitar. My mishaps and triumphs, my love life and lack there of. This guitar is my escape, is my way to cope. The life of a desperado has no time for friends
Tags: Desperaod Cowboy Love Steal Guitar Music Old

I wrote this song while living in northern Greenland, with not much to do in my free time except play around with my guitar and laptop. I'm surely no performer, but I enjoyed the experience
Tags: Songwriting Pop Alternative Music

A love song from a musical I wrote. Two people meet for the first time yet feel there is some familiarity. The female is represented by the pan flute
Tags: play musical angels stardust cbkeyz sami

for tips on on the street at the time, but he used to play with the Foundations back in the 60's ("Baby, Now That You Found ME", and "Fill Me Up, Buttercup"). He said that he'd also jammed
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

picked up the guitar for the first time that week and found this lovely song to play:heavily broken
Tags: heavily broken

When Maggie Leigh gets excited enough she'll grab
Tags: maggie leigh play time

I took this 2 days after Ike hit and it was the first time the sun was out. I guess the horses were ready to play. It turned out to be a great shot. hope you like
Tags: playful horses

Tags: We Dont Play Bout Our Money Cause "Its Money Time

Made with photoshop elements and a few hours worth of time, the main shapes I had to draw in pencil, scan in and then play with once i got them on the computer
Tags: fairy art

chasing one another during play time. It is extreamly funny to watch them interact because of how different they really
Tags: Dog and Ferrett

are on the other hand. Look around you at the world, we take war, division, violence in our actual lives and in our games, fictions and play. Shouldn't we ever question this? Shouldn't we ever wonder
Tags: art video art time based art visual art andy warhol film

10 hours of free recording time from Hurley (Saosin, T.S.O.L recorded their albums here) A Free DW Drum Kit, Sabian cymbals, Vocal mic D5, Guitar Strings, and Drum Sticks from Guitar Center Radio
Tags: Are you the band band in Socal? Prove it!

Manny Productions is the newest label to the underground! YEAH RIGHT accually I'm just a regular guy that loves to play and listen to all types of music just like YOU!! What started as a small hobbie
Tags: Manny Productions Breathe In the Rain rock rap

and force me to surrender, become another lost soul in a sea of empty faces and unhappiness. I want to go out and play, revel in the sheer joy of being alive, cherish the sun kissing my face, the breeze
Tags: child childhood innocence lost soul sadness remember play enjoy live life age

LIVE 4/13/2008 at nutty irishman-new york--i play bass and flute at same time
Tags: steve lieberman gangsta rabbi dogpark punk bas