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This beautiful beetle gathers pollen on this Queen Anne's Lace 7-24-09
Tags: Queen Anne's lace beetle

This little guy has blue pollen
Tags: bee blue pollen nature

Collecting pollen
Tags: bee 2

It's not like there weren't enough flowers to collect pollen from
Tags: bees sharing nature

This guy has a heavy load of California Poppy pollen
Tags: heavy load macro bee california poppy

A bee outside my house decided to collect pollen from a flower
Tags: Bee Flower Yellow

Eastern Purple Coneflower - Echinacea purpurea Pe
Tags: bee pollen insect nature flower closeup coneflower

A bumble bee working hard collecting pollen from a beautiful hollyhock
Tags: bee fuzzy yellow black pink flower insect eyes color macro pollen buzz green pollenation

Origin: Islands of Indonesia pollen, fruits In the wild, lories feed on nectar, pollen, fruits, and the occasional insect. All lories have a tongue that is specially adapted with a brush-like tip
Tags: bir birds flowers fruits hot indonesia insect lories lory nectar pollen pollinating red tongue trees tropical

Bumblebees are social insects that are characterized by black and yellow body hairs, often in bands. The hind leg is completely hairy, and pollen grains are wedged into the hairs for transport
Tags: bee black bumblebees flower flowers garden hairs hairy insects pollen trees yellow

I love the pollen on the petals
Tags: digital photo

Bees gathering pollen from flowers
Tags: "jimi flix" Bees Bee Insect Flower Nature W

Macro shot of a red flower showing close up detail, pollen and an ant
Tags: Flower

A beautiful flower in full bloom on a sunny day
Tags: flower pollen macro spring

Macro photograph of a bee gathering nectar and pollen from a bright yellow cone flower
Tags: honeybee cone flower browse honey bee

Tags: pollen bee macro

A bee digs fiercely and quickly for pollen in a gerber daisy
Tags: Bee Daisy Food Pollen Petmagnet Spring Summer Insect

Tags: bee macro pollen

I captured this beautiful Hummingbird with pollen all on his beak. I simply lol the action of his wings and the color. @ 2008 A Touch Of Class Photography Carrol A. Grimes Photographer
Tags: Feathered Friend

A Beautiful hummingbird sampling some nectar from a flower but got some pollen on his beak. @ 2008 A Touch Of Class Photography Carrol A. Grimes Photographer
Tags: Nanosecond