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I only was able to take a few decent shots this year because I did not have a powerful flash with me. Next year, I plan to do much better! 2007 Chinese New Year Parade, San Francisco's Chinatown
Tags: dragon chinese new year parade

This painting came into existance through a combination of experimentation, frustration, and observation. The mountian tends to be a constant source of powerful inspiration, and is a prevelant theme
Tags: oil painting mountian valley storm canvas la

lived, ate, slept, and drunk music and he was such a commited and powerful musician and i wanted it to show in this piece. Coltrane would have been 80 years old had he still be alive today. He died
Tags: jazz music classical john coltrane tenor sax

This is the trailer for a powerful, new British feature film with an urban flavour set on the streets of London. Two GANGS at War. Two COPS running out of time. Two TERRORIST groups at War
Tags: Film Academy BritishFilm moviesTrailer d

Visiting the site of the twin towers was very emotional. I came across this piece of metal sticking up out of the remains - and it turned out to be a powerful picture for me. A Symbol - a cross
Tags: 911 remembrance holy symbol emotional


This character is a sorcerer with many powerful spells & incantations
Tags: drawing sketch

Tags: Powerful device

,humanity and Americana presented by ONE photographer in such a powerful collection. Many of these sign imagery are Americana from the past and are GONE FOREVER and can never be recaptured
Tags: histoeric photography art photograhyatrty agen

This is an original watercolor batik on paper. An
Tags: horseequineartbatikabstractwatercolororigina

Instrumental rock with a powerful underlying current of positivity and strong conviction
Tags: instrumental pink floyd dreamy flowing floatin

Inspired by the portrayal of the legendary Spartan
Tags: war hard gristle mean powerful rock heavy thick bloody leonidas warfare strength action adventure

This is where funk & nobility intertwine on a gala
Tags: instrumental rock funk traveling space sci-fi funky powerful strong upbeat nobility orchestral fluid bouncy flowing

A happy instrumental rock song - very rhythmic, se
Tags: upbeat instrumental rhythmic guitars happy rock driven pulsing racing fast resolute steadfast strong powerful

. The wings are greatly reduced, but the legs are long and powerful. Each foot has three forward-facing toes and no hind toe. Emus eat fruits, seeds, growing shoots of plants, insects, other small
Tags: animals bird birds brown emu feathers fruits

Snoqualmie Falls in May when water was raging
Tags: falls waterfall river powerful cascade photo picture

again I felt so much emotions when I painted this
Tags: Women portraite

This is from my head. My version of feeling free and powerful. chalk pastel and some colored pencil
Tags: chalk pastel anime japanese animation

Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance ,“On Love” indeed spotlights the most powerful force in the cosmos. Whether one be a follower of the various faiths of this world
Tags: meditationspoken wordinspirationdonald gordon C

Passionate love between man and woman that is so powerful
Tags: R&B