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applied to preserve and protect the drawing. The frame is oak, and is custom-made for this picture. Two layers of matte have been used to further complement the colors of the drawing and frame both
Tags: pasteloriginalrealisticfantasydragonmagic

and preserve the drawing. The drawing is available for $225.00, with a shipping charge of $10.00
Tags: pasteloriginallandscaperealistictropicalparad

This shot was taken in a forest preserve area. I especially, wanted to capture this photo, because it looked like something I dream about , yet it's reality. I took it around 4 in the afternoon
Tags: Photo Manipulation--Nature

Shot this in the Largo Nature Preserve,a small park near my home. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

This species is actually called a White Peacock,I dont know why? Taken in Largo Nature Preserve,Fl. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

I shot these wildflowers growing at the lakeside in Largo Nature Preserve,Fl. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

I took this shot at Largo Nature Preserve,my favorite local photo hot-spot. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

A dragonfly at rest at the James E. Grey Nature Preserve in New Port Richey, Florida
Tags: Dragonfly leef green

This shot was taken at Largo Nature Preserve,Fl. which is a park about 3 miles from my home.I really like this place,always see interesting things. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

Taken at the James E. Grey nature preserve, New Port Richey, Florida
Tags: Flowers

Photo taken at Brooker Creek Preserve,Fl. 2008
Tags: Nature Imagery

This bird was stalking little minnows when I shot this scene in Largo Nature Preserve,Fl. 2007
Tags: Nature Imagery

My dog and I walking to the nature preserve
Tags: Women and dog walking

a green heron in the wakadohatchee wetland preserve in del ray beach florida, eating a small spring peeper ( type of tree frog ) out of a duck weed marsh
Tags: heron green tree frog swamp florida pond wi

a blue heron at the wakadohatchee wetland preserve in delray beach florida
Tags: blue herons flying birds wildlife florida

Photo of the backs of a man and woman walking a nature preserve. The man is wearing a red shirt
Tags: Woods Trees Walks People Nature Wild

and not to speak. When it comes to talking and communication we seem to be fantastic hypocrites, whereby we think it is OK to impede on others peoples free speech but preserve our own. This piece
Tags: zip it up social comment graphic design typ

A self motive expression is preserve when time is present, an image became gloriously impressive when we capture its angle and click that shutter. That is why i am a photographer, each an every one
Tags: ModelingPortraitureNudesGlamourImpressionistP

Challenge, expressions, humoring, and age, are always in everyone's mind, why not dedicate the wasted space and preserve it on a golden frame, for those who then will love and keep its enjoyment
Tags: ModelingPortraitureNudesGlamourImpressionistP

I was lucky enough to get a shot of a rare Whooing Crane in the Aransas National Wildlife Preserve located in Texas
Tags: photography birds whooping crane photo