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I took this one on Feb 22, 2012 at Davis Creek Pond in Nevada. There was a whole lot of pushing & shoving going on between the males. All trying to protect their nesting spots
Tags: chase geese Canada nature nevada

applied to preserve and protect the drawing. The frame is oak, and is custom-made for this picture. Two layers of matte have been used to further complement the colors of the drawing and frame both
Tags: pasteloriginalrealisticfantasydragonmagic

lagoons. The attention to detail and complimentary contrasts are quite exemplary. The size is 18" x 24", and is drawn on Strathmore colored pastel paper. A fixative has been applied to protect
Tags: pasteloriginallandscaperealistictropicalparad

"The Girls Are Coming!" SAFE SEX LADIES! Smiling sperm for girls empowerment! PROTECT YOURSELF! All of Bethann Shannon's work is protected by copyright and/or trademark law AND is available
Tags: sperm art sperm design smiley sperm sperm paint

Sperm Art by Bethann Shannon AIDS SPERM...Protect Yourself! SMILEY SPERM WITH A MESSAGE! American Female Artist Bethann Shannon wants to leave a message of LOVE & Conciousness in all sexual
Tags: sperm artAIDS smiley face spermsmiley sperm co

Adorable Xmas smiley sperm wishing you a safe & white Xmas! He He! OK, lets make all sexual decisions careful & conscious ones! After all....THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Protect Yourself! American Woman
Tags: sperm artspermartsmiley sperm sperm imagesperm

18x24 big drawing... its a chinese lion..known to protect the kings temples in china..gray scale art
Tags: Chinese lion

I feel weird and incomplete. I named it Rufus. Obey him and he will protect you...that is all
Tags: Rufus Dragon Symbol Celtic Necklace Muse

My girl keep ya'll safe!
Tags: Great Danes

I painted it in water color and polycrylic it to seal and protect
Tags: chair

A young warrior with 2 conflicting forces dwelling within one compelling him to do good & protect those around him & the other corrupting his very being making him thirst for power & destruction
Tags: drawing

Purple Path. Acrylic on canvas 18"x30"x1". ©2008. The sides are painted, so there’s no need to frame it. I’ve finished it off with a coat of clear gloss to add shine and protect your investment
Tags: acrylic canvas figure nude abstract

Acrylic on canvas 20 x 24 x1. ©2008 Also Available in prints... The sides are painted, so there’s no need to frame it. I’ve finished it off with a coat of clear gloss to add shine and protect your
Tags: art original painting print painting abstract

This shopping mall needs to be seen to believed. Located in Melbourne South Australia, this historic brick building is completely inclosed by a glass dome to protect it from damage
Tags: brick building shopping mall Melbourne Austra

Official music video for Protect Them, written and performed by 24Kt GOLD
Tags: Protectthem 24 24ktgold gold children elderly

Song written and performed by 24Kt GOLD. Written L
Tags: 24kt gold protect them music rap hip hop positive music urban manchester

the most secret and lethal martial art, but where sworn to only use it in order to protect the royal family. they wore their hair long and dyed violet to show their loyalty and long standing devotion
Tags: man moon fantasy guardian blue purple black

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
and easy to be around but his mind so fragmented thats where most would say the drop off occurred when he was impenetrable to conversation to guarded a layer upon layer of emotional scar tissue to protect
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

Tags: kidslovehappyinnocentgrowprotect

(995 words) Second grade, the beach, spring vacati
a huge sandcastle, surrounded by a fence made of oyster shells. As we finished, we saw the tide had crept up, unnoticed. We dug moats to protect the castle, but quickly got overwhelmed. The water surged
Tags: OregonSpring Vacationchildhoodbeachchildrensh