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while standing guard, the guard would stay in this small hut for hours at a time but if a restroom was needed they would pull down shades and use a toilet that had the pipe going straight down
Tags: alcatraz

Pull on your heart-strings, spooky sequel to the famous song by Red Sovine, Teddy Bear, He was actually going to record it but died first by two weeks. Make ya think song
Tags: Teddy Bear by Red Sovine This is the sequel Haun

This is a piano piece I learned by ear from the motion picture "Amelie Poulain" I don't read notes so I really had to listen!! People find it strange that being hearing impaired, I was able to pull
Tags: Sacha Piano classic

permanent collection. For now, that means it's being stored in a warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. I hear that occasionally, they'll pull a few paintings out for a showing. And of course, if I ever
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

to school to be a nurse and showed up in her scrubs before being fitted to model one of the "Ceramic Corsets". The models that helped pull this image off are: Kris, Lillie and Cameron
Tags: nicole moan ceramic corsets bryan crump brya

This hat is my older niece's.I had to pull on it to use it for this picture.Niki is such a loveable ham.She always says '' take my picture
Tags: girlkidschildmodel

Oil painting on a canvass, I painted a doll that I make with paper, and the angel was a little figure that remind me of my eldest child, when she was having a tamtrun and used to pull her hair
Tags: Oil paintcanvass

a song from my new mini album "7 Songs"
Tags: music

My favorite demon, Aomi Armster (aside from my first, youkai-hime/Ukaihimi) I tried to pull some pin-uppy business here, it was hard. :( Photoshop crashed on me just when i had things perfected
Tags: neko aomi youkai catgirl demon shekintari

Tags: Horses

is very porous like a sponge. So to make a line this crisp is incredibly difficult to pull off, especially since the guitar gets a natural back, so there is no room for error when executing
Tags: stain guitar wood color

Pull this one out of an animation i decided wasn't good enough. currently working on a more detailed version
Tags: Gun Reflection metal

I have been writing graffiti for a couple of years now and am now trying to properly develop my style in order to pull off wildstyle and 3D
Tags: Graffiti London Sey

Like a magnet, this tractor pulled my eye right to
Tags: Weije tractors Wake County farms

Just playing around late at night, trying to pull the background away from these icicles. Do they still look semi-realistic? Looking for constructive criticism on this one
Tags: winter christmas photography alter design ice

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA has amazing displays all year round. During the holiday season they pull out all the stops
Tags: Longwood Gardens lights christmas tree

idk it's just cool i guess
Tags: child girl

Some nice photos along the way. While driving or walking I will pull over and stop to capture the image. Have Camera - Will Travel. I never leave home without it. Note: Click On Image To View
Tags: Flowers digital photos

This is a one page spread from a newsletter. I really hated to use the handwritten quote, but the client insisted on including it. InDesign & PhotoShop were the tools used to pull this together
Tags: InDesign Photoshop Graphic

“When You Are At Your Lowest, With No Sign Of Help, Your Strong Religious Faith And Trust Can Pull You Through And Your Eyes Can See Signs Just Tailored For You Through The Miracle Of Prayer
Tags: Jesus Cares Gospel Rock Spud Martin