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Tags: pink blue reaching through macro

, and, thoughtlessly, I reached for him reaching for me... He was evaporating into soft welcomes inhaling the deeper Us - his arm French kissing the curve of my waist, spellbound
Tags: poetry poem romance writer free verse metaphy

Photo of Troy reaching towards the light
Tags: Photography boy sun feild reaching

this is me by a waterfall reaching out to the water
Tags: waterfall beautiful

Boy reaching up
Tags: Sun Boy child photography

A woman in lingerie embarking upon a journey with hands reaching for her, she seems to be in three places, perhaps triangulating, which the butterfly represents & a castle on an island in the sky
Tags: lingerie woman woman sexy road castles surre

Random picture I took of the sun next to a lonely
Tags: tree with sun

Here it is...Don't touch it's sore!
Tags: self tattooing foxglove fairy

Buddha gave me a portrait of a naked lady with no face, I turned her into a pregnant lady reaching for an apple, baby, or bird. Perhaps something else. Buddha did the girls' right leg it looks like
Tags: Eve baby bird apple abstract girl head purp

and reflecting the far universe I felt I assured of reaching there at last Because, in the sky, like blessing all of the things on the earth, there was a big, big star shining above
Tags: Digital Collage

This sad graveyard statue struck me with a strong sense of hope, a child reaching to be lifted up
Tags: grave death statue child flowers

a gothic drab vampire stands in a pool of blood while reaching her hand out to a freshly sired vampire whose vision is blurred
Tags: goth blood distorted pool

Innocence in the Mist I find myself alone tonight: And, reaching for my oars in this frail craft of a retrospection - I'm aswim in a river of sentimental rainbows
Tags: art Native American childhood memories mental i

Watercolor and Charcoal drawing on Canvas
Tags: Watercolor figure drawing painting

sumac reaching for the sky
Tags: wintersumacsky

at nothing to prevent anyone reaching the castle of their Master. Our travellers take cover when they hear the marching feet of Maugris' Army; their raucous voices cutting through the idyllic quiet
Tags: soundtrack game music fantasy quest electronic

Young dancer reaching for a dream
Tags: "jim davenport" "oil painters"

acrylic palate knife painting
Tags: karen mcfadden landscape acrylic palate knife

An idea inspired by a fellow(lady)Talitopian
Tags: sunshine

reaching skyward are from Katrina, Days of Terror, Months of Anguish - Rolland Golden spefically, the painting "Mister Throw Me a Line" out of Louisiana Cultural Vistas, volume 18, no. 4. Winter
Tags: art writing Hurricane Katrina mental illness S