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June 13, 2010 This is my very first shot of an Eagle. It's not in a zoo or a wild animal park, it's a real life photo. It's been on my list for a few years now, and I am THRILLED to finally add
Tags: Eagle

This is like a day in the life...as real as it gets
Tags: silly real non-professional natural

Fairytales Come True... a song about the real life of fairytales
Tags: Fairytale Truth Andrew Kulik

original southern flavored hip hop from real life relationships with drama
Tags: o rig i nal it

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Tags: how to walk on the runway runway walking how to

my music is soulful and hits close to home for myself and many its passionate and real I do my best to only write and sing music to fix many life styles
Tags: R&B/neo-soul

it but I've been, waitin' on this moment my whole life Darling say yes, darling say maybe Darling I'm old enough to fly Don't you know I've been, waitin' on this moment my whole life Darling say yes
Tags: acoustic guitar zahir zack singapore innocenc

with watercolor. It utilizes train tickets, maps, movie tickets, and other real-life items. This was my final exam in my latest art class, and I received a 100
Tags: chillax chill art painting watercolor intense

My first real illustrator "artwork." Mostly just messed around with patterns and circles. Eventually it turned into a bit of an artwork. Not too shabby
Tags: Flower green yellow cool round leaves nature

This image titled Circle of Life is of a large sphere surrounded by foliage with life's energies emerging from the center. It was started in a program called Real Draw Pro, run through SatoriPhotoXL
Tags: art digital art painting

8 1/2" X 11" pencil sketch that I did while at work from real life
Tags: pencil drawing ivy plant

4" X 6" pen & ink sketch that I did while at work from real life
Tags: pen & ink yo-yos

A song I wrote a little while back that has some real emotion and feeling to it. Just basically gotta take life one day at a time
Tags: One Day

awwwww... and here iz MB (for Matt) in real life he'z my bf^^ so of course in my drawingz, shimo iz in love w/ MB
Tags: matt

This song is for the ladies but is based on my old relationship.Because i'm Real i have to come from the heart if i don't i wouldn't be me
Tags: lovemusicGirlsEmotionallifelivepTHip hopWomansongs

spitting off TI's live ur life
Tags: L215 215 philly philadelphia real music true stories underground music rap hip hop official

to hear: Christ, the Lord, oh so near! Holy Saints rejoice and sing, Real life comes for us to bring In tender thoughts and dear salvation So is the Lord and all His Creation. Tender and sweet
Tags: deers blue watercolor

"And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall. Pour real life down on me... ... So take care what you ask of me, 'cause I can't say no." www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSxoKQ_sWYY What it must feel
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

Fancinoes life!When she reads a book, she falls asleep.There is also a mom as a charecter playing as Tina, and a adopted little boy Ryan!We hope you all enjoy!P.S. The charector names is not the real
Tags: Awsome alittle more girly nothing like bad words