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This is only 4 hours deep. It is not finished yet. I repeat not yet finished
Tags: Face drawing

Tags: green

-with a side of a little wookie nookie-and speaking of hairy pookie, ahhh suki suki-(Chorus) repeat-Now I got galactic bitches making more than quota-who can even get a rise outta Yoda-but if you can't
Tags: Star wars the jedi pimp rock metal industria

Cd Album: Don't cry for me Available on Itunes (music & videos) Lyrics (Chorus) Asians don't love me. Is it a cultural thing? I don't know maybe, maybe someday. But right now I must say. (Repeat
Tags: reh dogg love asians

Freestyled^^ this one's pretty old too but alot of youtubers like it so see if taltopia will like it too[= i notice i did repeat steps in here a lot so sorry about
Tags: Big BangKoreanWith UEnglish

Okay.....repeat after me....tongue to nose....tongue to nose...ect.ect.ect. LOL
Tags: funny pooch tongue

is about seeing chances pass you by and along with them friends and also the way people can make you feel through assumptions of you its easy to repeat the chorus when i first played it couldnt stop
Tags: fast cool riff

)(repeat) Haha!!!! The flart before the 2nd chorus gets me everytime! And it's in time with the music too!!! Right on beat 3!!!! Ha!!! If you listen closly in the background vocals in the 2nd
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

You, Son of God. Bridge: I love You, Lord. You are the beat of my heart. I worship You. You are the Lord of my life. (repeat) Chorus 3 (slow): I praise You, for You are worthy of my praise
Tags: praise worship song brass trumpet trombone f

starts where it repeats. I just figured the song was too short without the repeat, so I made it repeat
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic nascar sports v

to want more? Why do they seem to want to own the world itself? Bridge: Why do they want it all? (repeat) ...dumb bridge, eh? :P
Tags: Rich versus vs Poor Poverty help inner beau

prepared. Chorus: "WAHCHAHH!" I've got the moves, Kicking about! Screaming "Hyah!" (repeat) Verse 2: It's time to show off my moves, Moves from the Tye Qwan Do (spelling?) With a jump
Tags: Karate Moves Kung Fu Japan Japanese oriental

This is a repeat transparency with a water colored background. Basically, you do a regular print and scan it into photoshop raise the contrast then mirror it. Print out two sheets and paint your
Tags: Pier Transparency Watercolors

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
? Better sex life? Think it through, like all good sales campaigns have to be! Finally, one huge caveat. No matter how much pain you might be in right now, don't, I repeat do not, attempt to fix
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

i wrote this song for my friends :) love you guys!
)** (repeat) and it's your chioce to be who you want to be who u really want to be.... cuz it's our **(chorus
Tags: i'm not entirely sure if my songs should b

no description
probs. my heart is open, is yours? and yea i'm still confused and all i know is that i love you and that's good enough for me) ***(repeat 2nd chorus)*** yeaaaa, good enough for me that's good enough
Tags: i'm not entirely sure if my songs should b

no description
and gentle though)** freaked out and broke it off with you, and i just gotta tell you i'm still freakin'out now that you're goin' out with her still and i'm sorry i' still (repeat again but not the last
Tags: i'm not entirely sure if my songs should b

(Dave Ramone Mix) 17:33 : Rekka - I Say You Say (Jon E Industry Please Repeat Remix) 17:34 : Michael Woods - Natural High (Dave Boynes Remix) 17:37 : Extreme Deejays aka. Deepsait - Gia
Tags: DJ Mixed set House music Club Dance

This is justa song I wrote.
What to do without you Verse 1: Chorus: Verse 2: Chorus: Bridge: (Repeat) (Repeat) Chorus: End: Every memory just fades like rain Every heart felt word was full
Tags: rock song music what to do without you lov

Just an awesome song that I wrote!
you Not one bit. Im not gonna look back But I must admit: We had some fun times But just a few. Now my lifes harder Thanks to you! (repeat 2 times 1 time quiet with only drums, 2 time normal, with all
Tags: awesome song hey you love leaving singings