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I didn't name it. We had no name for it so the si
Tags: Heavy Rock Tool Tools Riff

A Riff
Tags: True Real Rock

Good riff
Tags: Awesome

A riff i made when i was bored
Tags: rock music

a four part riff
Tags: Trippin

While the captain is away................. An E
Tags: animeartpiratetheateractormodelcomedyfired

This riff was in my head so I recorded it quickly one day and this is what came out
Tags: original song you'll never find me gone

played this at moes bar and grill once. this was a
Tags: fast cool riff

Ever been in a smothering relationship?
Tags: rock music song riff guitar sex politics cool brill

Brave mixes the sounds of the singer/songwriter style of guitar and voice with the lush sound of a 6 member band. It begins with a catchy guitar riff lying under beautiful melodic vocal lines
Tags: Alternative Rock Indi Rap Other Carmelo Dami

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
and a necklace with a guitar pick on it where his family eirlooms the necklace was his mothers. Conner just kept playing a solo riff he had come up with. (mike) listen boys an enchanting melody oh
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

Groove the riff
Tags: Relax

Upbeat rock with a cool riff and supernatural vocal
Tags: alternative rock pop rock pop

, but the verses were going to talk about the evils of the wordl, i liked the concept, but i could not find good words to go with the riff of the chorus, so i changed it to a song about reading
Tags: concious poetic soulful jazz funk hip hop soc

Noriko Sato's acting resume
Copper Union Busted Walk 1970s girl Another Urban Riff, LLC Stick Up Kids
Tags: Noriko Sato Resume

Underground Hip Hop Music
Tags: Hip Hop Rap East Coast

Just a great hard rock riff born from zeppelin influences
Tags: mind blowing riff hard rock led zeppelin sugar and spice

different instrumental parts, add on to each others' ideas like we did in Psalm 95, and eventually came out with this as the final! ROCKS, dude!!! :D What's neat, is the first riff you hear was actually
Tags: guitar rock instrument collaboration soundtrac

Batterton PS - the riff at the beginning was actually our fist idea for our "Psalm 95" song, but it was too rockin for a worship song, so we went with something else... however, I felt like this riff
Tags: guitar rock instrument collaboration soundtrac

Mullins Here's a nice review! He says... "your combo of horns and that great guitar riff and then add those drums, wonder why there's no reviews????????. I will be taking a listen for other gems
Tags: frank klepaki red alert 2 3 dune 2000