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Ouch! This is a Gooseberry, they have thorns on t
Tags: gooseberry nearly ripe

self-portrait of me as a tarot card, "temperance," ripe with symbols galore! started as a drawing, then finished with watercolor pencils, pastels and crayons
Tags: multimedia portrait symbolism tarot

Tags: berries

These little guys are the only color on this wild tomato vine...a little over ripe too
Tags: wild tomatoes tomato wild nature plants

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
and show Nick the shower room, would you? Hes ripe as a fishmongers cart in August. Tessa, Nick called out to her. May I trouble you for the days date? June six, of course. And the year, Mademoiselle
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
and it was a pleasure. He was very ripe in his sins. You cannot imagine how magnificent his blood tasted. Filth! Liar! Ezra screamed, his voice blistered with pain, and he threw himself at the murderer
Tags: Short Story

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
. Charity endured. She was as detached as she could make herself until things diverted from their usual course. Ah, ripe so ripe. Archers vile claws lay cupped around her breasts. His fingers twitched
Tags: Short Story

A ripe strawberry waiting to be picked
Tags: strawberry red fruit nature

This is a song almost the polar opposite of To My
. Everybody knows and they just don't see, how I can stand to stay and I don't leave. But I been trying, steady fighting with my heart, you ripe me apart. Bridge Only quitter's give in, and only fools
Tags: song lyrics

If you've ever tried to garden in "deer country",
. As the woman picked the last ripe, flavorful tomato in mid-October, she remembered her childrens teasing and wondered if it was indeed worth the effort. Yes, she thought later, admiring the ruby red slices
Tags: gardeningdeertomatos

Another result of the boredom that graces us all.
Tags: bird chick chicken hatch kiwi green brown f

True story of a trip over the mountains
, a brick of Swiss cheese, and several ripe tomatoes. We had excellent sandwich fixings, but no bread or utensils. Laughing, we cut chunks of ham with Pats pocketknife, broke bits off the cheese, and ate
Tags: Thanksgiving snow travel Oregon

A short story
. This was what remained of an orchard, devastated in the Columbus Day storm of 1962. The ripe apples were a pale gold, almost white, deliciously juicy, and sweet as honey. Neglected for years, they were
Tags: childhoodhorsesOregonmemoir

April 2010
Sugar Loaf Nate Strange The grass was green and the sun was bright The trees were full and the time was ripe It was a land of joy and a place of youth We didn't care about tomorrow We didn't think
Tags: Poetry

these fruits are nearly ripe
Tags: fruits coffee plants

Luna is ripe She's shining bright It puts me in A wicked mood ... A wickedl mood tonight I'm gonna cast Oh yes I will I'm gonna cast a dirty spell A dirty spell, on you I've got
Tags: witch Spell Hex voodoo Halloween

I've been wondering why I dont get any ripe strawberries
Tags: kangaroo

Luna Is Ripe. She's shiny bright It put's me in a wicked mood A wicked mood tonight
Tags: moon magic witchcraft