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My sister waiting for our ship that was hours late getting into port in New York. She was sad because we lost a day of cruising because
Tags: sad face ship sister

My old dog Taz..I miss him too..he was a doberman
Tags: S.Staley

Poem on how a person can be sad & lonely in a relationship when someone has done something wrong & another will go looking for them
143121.txtSad & LonelyHere I sit sad & lonelylooking for my one & onlyIs that him over there?No that's just his chair...Here I sit sad & lonely looking for my one & onlyIs that him up
Tags: S.Staley

Poem on love~
into the world.. Your heart feels like it will burst with delight... Lost that love & you just feel broken,sad & a depressed... I believe that is why there are so many loves in life
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
if you want to make your house grand..plant some flowers around...even trees willhelp.It's sad that many more people don't plant like they use too..what will happen to this world withoutflowers & trees
Tags: S.Staley

this is ben he used to be a good friend but it is sad to say he went a stray and our friendship came to an end marker paper love
Tags: Ben

my photography manipulated in photoshop
Tags: eye candy

Created with cute sad girls in mind. -Photoshop -Wacom Tablet -cute fun times
Tags: blue designer sad girl cute

Apperture settings of cameras rock.
Tags: photograph self-portrait see-through ghost spirit sad disturbing ugly pretty lights bright dim dark shadow shade color black and white eyes contemplative

Tags: Pink Wall Me Sad

I would describe this as even though he's an angel he's still feels sad and angry. And if you notice on his knuckles I put the words hate on them under the white X. But still not all angels are gold
Tags: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b276/Biajon16/be

Colour of Lighting matches well with the subject making him look sad and depressed
Tags: Dog Shit Tzu Animals

young girl smoked and shows a sad face
Tags: girl sad face smoke

I was a sad day when John's Place finally closed. Neighborhood blight was encroaching and people were afraid to park their cars or walk the neighborhood after dark. Liquor licenses were now selling
Tags: john's bar millville painting

Tags: sit girl uniform hat sad

I took this pic on my last day at my apt i was sad
Tags: Print Sneaky Blinds Windows Lips and eyes

sad pose
Tags: pretty

A sketch of a pidgeon that died in my back garden.
Tags: Pencil sketch bird pidgeon dead somber sad art feather wings

Tags: Sad Love Song Track