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just a drawing I did on iscribble.net, texture stu
Tags: purple texture study flowing tattoo draks lights shading hue saturation dodge burn

Taken mostly for texture, and saturation of one color in a shot
Tags: gerber daisy yellow

This is a pan shot of a taxi with an extended exposure. The long exposure created the blur effect around the taxi and the panning kept the taxi in focus. I only cropped and increased saturation
Tags: Taxi. New York Streets

a cool looking building in Washington DC. I adjusted the saturation and brightened up the shadows, to give it a surreal look
Tags: building architecture street sky wide angle

New Quay beach, Wales.
Tags: Beach saturation

New Quay beach, Wales.
Tags: Beach saturation

New Quay beach, Wales.
Tags: Beach saturation

Sepia saturation....I like the profile look..enjoy
Tags: love that cardigan

This started out as a simple rose petal that I sprayed with water to get the droplet effect, then I used polar coordinates to manipulate it's shape saturation to bring it to life a tad more than
Tags: graphic designcreative edits photo manipulation

Love to take close ups of plants in order to captu
Tags: Macro Saturation

a photo by me taken with the macro setting on the camera, plus a bit of added saturation
Tags: rain window colorful bright wet

My original sunset pic. I increased brightness a little & the saturation 2 make the colors pop
Tags: sunset sunsets

Heavy color saturation used
Tags: antenna

My mom and sister sitting on a bench on the beach at the Grand Floridian. | No flash; Saturation increased
Tags: beach families

the sky above my house with the hue and saturation adjusted to make very colorful
Tags: sky rainbow leaves colors color colorful tre

An endemic palm leaf. Image has been saturated.
Tags: palm leaf saturation

These cactus flowers are such a vibrant shade of pink, no adjustment to saturation. Hint of a spider web in this photo
Tags: Cactus Flower Photograph

natural gown bed classic art beauty bad girl sexy
Tags: saturation black and white natural classic natural gown bed classic art beauty

I used the saturation and color balance to change the fileds of yellow to purple and make them more fantasy like- very neat ending I am happy
Tags: PrettyColorfulpurpleLandCreations