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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
of kids who wished they could be almost anywhere but school. Whether as an individual or in a group, human beings desire acceptance; and when the group comes together for a good purpose, they bond
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

This one is a little story. Its a rap on a friend who was kiled. This is pretty much telling the kids not to get into gangs, to stay out of trouble. This is something to show ya'll the true danger
Tags: johnny boy teen death teen trouble old school hip hop juan alvarez

the result of being bored in a high school class back in da day
Tags: tweeker drawing face high art

Ever wonder what you would see if you were to open
Tags: Sleeping Kids Durring Study Hall Cafeteria School

. They don’t take the necessary time to learn about what they created. There are reasons why kids go to school and shoot everybody up. There was a reason my homegirl blew her head off her shoulders

this is a pumpkin that has a bridge school logo carved into it for the 19th annual bridge school benefit. I carve 3-5 pumpkins every year for the bridge school as well as create a backstage
Tags: pumpkin carved pumpkin art sculpture halloween bridge school

My son caught reading!
Tags: kids boys school activities home

Orcas grade school kids created this sign after 9-11. It is displayed in "downtown" Eastsound village
Tags: flowersspringpeacecherry blossoms

an experiment on plant activity when she accidentally got into the operation! This gave her the power to control plants! Well, as she grew up in school, she was made fun of because of her weird power
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

I almost listed this category as "Comedy!" Ha! A grade school pic of TheDream before she became the face and figure! Ha! Ha! For OLD SCHOOL contest
Tags: contest grade school photos kids fun photography

everything!!! A pool, a Lamborghini (as well as many other vehicles), a fancy garage, and just the house itself was fancy enough. He then saw the kids of the family outside and heard them say, "Hey, we
Tags: Rich versus vs Poor Poverty help inner beau

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
over the cracks as he had so many times before one of those child habbits he had never tried to overcome. To many who knew conner he was well respected though thought much as a loner. In school he would
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

Its a little blurry but i loved developing my own pics, i took a class in high school and these are from then, me and my friend sitting on church steps
Tags: kidspeopletownlightsitsteps

A very short story about a young girl who suddenly
me of the Golgi bodies in cells that package things. T1 and T2: You know about cells? TG: Sure, I do! You know, we did go to school, and we did have science class! Ok, moving on! Our next stop
Tags: abortion short story young author

School proj. where all the kids had classmates sign their own beach balls
Tags: happy face swings playground balls

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
at night. Well, lets see He mused No, you have school tomorrow and we still need to eat." He began starting in. I stood by the cars smooth white exterior and marveled at the beige leather seating. I decided
Tags: story twilightish stuff

my advisory at my school im leaving :( im the one third in from the left :).. taken with nikon d200 17-55mm afs dx ed lens
Tags: kids teens school nikon d200

(995 words) Second grade, the beach, spring vacati
1 When I was in second grade, my parents and their best friends rented a cottage at the beach. The two families would spend spring vacation together in Lincoln City, Oregon. There were four kids
Tags: OregonSpring Vacationchildhoodbeachchildrensh

A story about a man who finds himself contesting w
; he could tell which ones had been done by the kids, and which by their mother and himself. It was something theyd done last Christmas to keep the family busy, and it had been a lot of fun. They did
Tags: Coma maze labyrinth puzzle

my resume
Wendys 07/2008 Pss. Kids 08/2008-Team Lead Sears 08/2008-Team Lead Spa Factory 08/2008- Team Lead Stride 09/2008 AARP 09/2008 AARP 10/2008 AARP 10/2008 Wendy's 10/2008-Team
Tags: resume