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i picture i took of a friend and then when I was in the dark room making the print, I put it in the first chemical for about 30 sec. pulled it out and turned on a flashlight for a split second
Tags: Photopictureart

4min 27 sec. Its everything someone with any hood in them wants
Tags: Jupiter the JIZ

Plenty of games are advertised here. I can be seen about 3 min. and 38 sec. into the video, promoting a game called Red Steel
Tags: Promotion Video Wii Game Video Red Steal Ninte

ok this is me singing like..o20 sec of reflection i kno im rly breathy and the sound ness of it all sux but try to see beyone all that! but do kno tht i dont think im all that i kno that i suck i
Tags: mulan disney

Camera: Canon XTI ISO 400 Exposure time 1/320 sec. Focal lenght 200mm F/ 6.3
Tags: Macro

30 sec. exposure
Tags: bridge

*The Pink Martini* Ingredients 1.25 oz vodka 0.25 oz lime juice 0.25 oz triple sec 0.25 oz cranberry juice
Tags: pink martini cocktail beverage

This shot was done using a Cannon ESO Digital Rebel XT. I used an Aperture of F/9 at 1/640 of a sec. My ISO was 800 and my Focal Length was 32 mm
Tags: Alpaca's

I have done a few commercials, runway modeling com
Tags: Tina Kalavity

This is me trying to play Foo Fighters' song Everl
Tags: Music rock guitar

she's so cute, take a sec to vote for her to be the next fanta girl, you know you wanna http://www.fanta.com/search/contestant?query=Stars24601
Tags: jenna fanta fantana

Here's another poem based on someone I met on M
! Well, at least one thing I know, When Im done with this wreck, Ill have time for a shower, Maybe some Ice cream, wait a SEC!! All of the sudden, theres a sniffle, then a sneeze. What ELSE can go wrong
Tags: Moving packing illness Influenza flu common c

this is a 36 second commercial of the art gallery
Tags: custom framing Picture framing Art Rochester

A comedic tale about a "normal" job for hitmen fro
even think about diving in and findin Billy here. Now, come on, were wastin time. Put that chain around his ankles. Hang on a sec, Jimmy said before dropping the small cast iron anchor into the water
Tags: Satire

I was about to leave Applebee's one day and when I stood up I was like, "Ehhhh......wait a sec," sat down, and took the pic of my glass of Coke. XD Dad thought I was insane, then I greyscaled
Tags: still life black and white

took me a sec to find him
Tags: ghecko glass close-up

sec exposures for each shot
Tags: macro stacking

Not sure what kind of flower this is but I liked the "seeds" on it..........and the color. 50mm 1.8 macro lens.....shot at f/18, 1/200th of a sec
Tags: flower

my name, age, and etc.
Tags: 50 sec description of me

I really like taking long exposures shots (45 sec) of the London Skyscrapers in the cold winter nights, as the skies are filled with great light and colours!... by David Gutierrez Photography, London
Tags: London London photographer London photography a