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Did you ever think about getting back together wit
this may seemingly prevent small arguments along the way, but the real problem is that over time the couple builds up resentment. This causes every incident or annoyance to turn into an all out war over
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

This is my Autobiography, full of violence, no pro
Tags: non fiction autobio

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuistic soceity. Two clans war against each other, and one of them plans a vile ceremony that will bring them ultimate domination
. The window seemed to serve as an eye to the even blacker world, for the first millennium was ending, and the world was darker than it had been before the Beginning. Of course, this was only the second
Tags: Short Story

of wine and chatting about war and peace while Ratko Mladic held my hand. Mladic, a man considered the world’s most ruthless war criminal since Adolf Hitler, still at large and currently having a five
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

of the "internal affairs investigation department" at Fort Dix, he merely ignored me. Inversely, the alleged most ruthless men, and, so-called "war criminals" in the world since Hitler TREATED ME WITH THE MOST
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

Book of poems I wrote back in december
hopes and dreams It numbs the pain and takes me away The second one, is the opiate For when you drove your knife into me I sat here crying, but know Ive gotten back on my feet again And Im here to let
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

A man travels through time and space searching for
times where the hubris and pride of Man had made the coyotes of the world smarter. A large hovercraft with short stubby wings landed closest to him, the exhaust from the hydrogen engine blasting
Tags: Science Fiction

Jim Colyer writes about Iceland.
." Denmark granted Greenland self-rule in 1979. I flew U.S. Airways to Boston and took Icelandair. I landed at Keflavik International Airport. This airport was built by Americans during the Cold War
Tags: Jim Colyer Iceland

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
. Greek astronomer Ptolemy lived in the second century. In his book called the Almagest, he had the earth at the center with the sun and planets going around it. This view stood for 1400 years. In 1453
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Jim Colyer writes about the Chess musical of Tim R
the American win, mirroring Reagan's victory over the Soviets in the Cold War. As the musical moved around the world, it took on the nature of a chess game, yielding to any number of variations. Each
Tags: Jim Colyer Chess musical Tim Rice Benny Anderss

Jim Colyer takes his son to our nation's capital.
headed for the Lincoln Memorial. We passed the World War II Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. We joked about Jenny running through the Reflecting Pool in Forrest Gump. We moved on to the Vietnam Veterans
Tags: Jim Colyer Washington D.C. White House

Jim Colyer discusses the U.S. presidents.
shot and killed Oswald. He said he did it out of sympathy for Jackie. There was no reason not to believe him. 34 Dwight Eisenhower - 1953-61 Being the big General in Europe in World War II
Tags: Jim Colyer presidents Mitt Romney George Washin

Jim Colyer writes about the New York Yankees!
, the same year Ted Williams batted .406. Williams missed three years of his prime because of World War II, then served in Korea. He was the third greatest hitter of all time after Ruth and Gehrig. Guys like
Tags: New York Yankees Jim Colyer Michael Colyer New

If you wish to change your life, don't change the
of that almost forgotten world. My love for Celia had led me there. As for the rest, it just happened. Hans obsessions created a realm of extremes, where two lesbians constantly fought each other over
Tags: Travel Humour U-Boat Captain Portugal Friendshi

A story about the future a post-apocalyptic world that used humans as test subjects for the perfect soldier
to attack the government, Cloren was supposed to help me but hes dead now. I explained thoroughly So you were gonna destroy everything we have left? All the orphans would be brought into the war
Tags: DX

the second poem in a series of 3 about the great wars
The Second World War Part 2 From the mist arose a mighty foe Whose banker funded armies conquered all lands Not for the lives of millions, But for the profit of the pound. Concerning our great any
Tags: second world war poem fighting battles dying

A short 3 minute read. enjoy
remained there since World War II would move slightly as if somebody was sneaking a peak outside. For years I walked past that house to go to school and never gave it a second thought that it might
Tags: Ghosts curiosity