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Taken using a long exposure with a flash at the end to create the "ghost" effect
Tags: night portrait selfportrait outdoors lights s

Taken of me and by me
Tags: me Trace Cotta Tracie Tracer headshot black

photograph that has not been enhanced in anyway. It was taken with a Cannon A540. I try to photograph things that I find occuring naturally. I try never to setup the photos, save for my self-portraits
Tags: fruit nature outdoors photography art design

another self-shot. taken during my birthday
Tags: HOT.

taken from a self-portrait photo of me lying on the floor looking at a candle. i put it upright to make it look etherial. oil paints (my favorite media
Tags: portrait blue face

idea taken from HP adverts
Tags: weird self portait

I had taken this self portrait about a year or so ago...In a way, this photo has a lot of meaning to me. I had been a very overweight girl my entire life....I had lost the weight after I graduated
Tags: self portrait body self confidence worth

photo taken by and edited by artsist
Tags: tiles self portrait womans face macro

A small mirrored box suspended on black velvet. Taken from above so as to get the reflection of the camera inside the box
Tags: macro mirror self portrait

This is a self portrait taken while I was in NYC. I used a tripod and a plunger to take the shot and capture the Brooklyn Bridge reflection in my glasses. Mark
Tags: Brooklyn Bridge glasses reflection.

This is a self portrait taken at the Nurolux in Boise during an assignment for the Boise Weekly
Tags: Nurolux me self portrait portraiture bw black and white black & white hip hop freestyle boise idaho boise idaho id

This is a tree taken on a fogy night shoot at the Boise train depot. Shot on Film
Tags: Black and white art charles forest black & white self portrait portraiture boise Boise idaho id idaho train depot depot tree

Tags: self taken

A1 graphite drawing of myself, taken from a photograph from photoshop
Tags: Drawing

A photo taken of me awhile ago fixed up in photoshop and transformed into a graphic piece adding wings to myself
Tags: angel wings self portrait

A headshot of me taken in the park near my home, summer of 2008. I felt it looked most like me at the time. Tan, pink and ready to take on the world! Original Photography by TDC, 2008
Tags: TDC self portrait summer 2008 best representation

Liberty and fredom can be taken for granted until you've lost them. My title for this image reflects my feeling upon arrival in the calm, open space of Death Valley, escaping for a few days
Tags: Freedom space moonlit night shot sand dunes

Self portrait taken this summer
Tags: Women Expressive Portrait Photography

I want to be stripped of all cares.. and lusts and self concerns. I want to put others before myself and genuinely LOVE my fellow neighbor. I want to forget who I used to be and discover who
Tags: Birgitta self portrait New Year's Day

this was taken at christmas eve . hope its ok good luck all
Tags: self portraits