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Tags: None

just a drawing I did on iscribble.net, texture stu
Tags: purple texture study flowing tattoo draks lights shading hue saturation dodge burn

Tags: black white shading

A nude I drew in an art class. Done in charcoal, I erased her form out and added shading
Tags: Nude woman charcoal back

I did this sketch of a girl sitting across from me
Tags: rough shirt sketch pad pen necklace neckline shading

I am sorry for poor quality, PS picture can not be uploaded. This is my sona. I like the shading and back ground. I had no tradishinal sketch to start
Tags: kira art sona

An early exploration into flame shapes, toying with skull dimensions, and monochrome shading (using a theme popular in the motorcycling community). Oh, btw, my 6-yr old thought it looked like
Tags: Automotive Urothane on steel

This is my oldest daughter Amanda Kelly. I drew th
Tags: portraits pencil shading life-like realistic

I drew this dragon in 2003, using medium (80lb) wh
Tags: Dragon fantasy pencil shading detailed

The shading was better before but unfortunately I don't have a very good scanner
Tags: Lisa James Australian model coloured pencil

Took a nice picture from a mag of pink and decided
Tags: Shading

A backshot of Joss Stone....trust me
Tags: Joss Stone

i still have to do some shading with this one
Tags: girl anime manga pretty eyes hair

This was a drawing from a picture of my nephew and his mom. As you can see from this drawing, the one thing I love about art is the shading
Tags: Pencil Art

I super glued the joints of a spiderman action figure to make him more of a statue. I then sculpt a Jack Sparrow costume onto him. I add some paint to give him extra texture and shading
Tags: Jack Sparrow Spiderman clay sculpting action

A second outing for my Biro linework. This one was particularly difficult as it required a huge amount of shading to be removed from the stockings. I made the linework darker here, which I think
Tags: manga