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My look on love & how I feel about it....
is blind to the hardships we have in our life..it is giving freely to thosewe are kind to & are deserving.The shape of a heart is kind,warm & free spirited,we will always have love if we try
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
, apathy, anger, and open hostility. Well developed communication skills identify common ground, make peace, and shape relationships through common understanding, enabling us to empathize, sympathize
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Um.... i started working out to stay in shape so i took a class for this semester. Getting bigger now but still only a buck 20
Tags: muscles looking good sexy abercrombie model

Dragons in the shape of a heart, pencil drawing
Tags: Dragons Love

Cover for the Picture Book Phrases of Life availab
Tags: watercolor fairy fantasy picture book collage

Bora Bora Polynesian Island view from the boat.
Tags: Bora Bora Pacific Ocean Island Polynesian

This is my signature image and the original is a painted canvas about A0 size in acrylic paint. I love the shape and character of the English Bull Terrier and have depicted this breed in much of my
Tags: english bull terrier bully blue modern popar

I burned an old break-up/love letter and saw it made the shape of a heart in the middle. Thought it was kind of ironic
Tags: burned

Tech remix) - Klaxons The Man Who Paid Before - Franz & Shape v.s. N.O.I.A Skip to the End (Digitalism Remix) - The Futureheads Some old, some new...Enjoy
Tags: electro punk rock indie electro dirty dirt fi

if we contemplate in the shape of the fingers at the back of the right hand we will find out AMAZINGLY that draws the name of Allah
Tags: No Comment!! Masha allah..

I like to keep in shape. This was a few years ago when I was in peak shape. Working on that again, as spring is right around the corner
Tags: photography art fitness parks body muscle

in shape
Tags: muscles

I was inspired by runway fashion while flipping through a popular magazine. This is my attempt to sketch what was an intriguing shape, and my representation of modern "art" in fashion
Tags: seventeen high fashion dress vogue sketch mod

catching, and unique thing about this photo, is the clouds. A cloud in the shape of a heart floats high. Wisps of clouds surround it but the heart itself is clearly visible and almost solid
Tags: Heart Cloud Sunset Beach

This image came about by trying to challange myself to work with in the shape of a pentagram
Tags: pagan celtic knotwork wicca pentagram wisdom

A shot of some smoke rising up.
Tags: smoke face shape colors

laying on my back on a bench I took a picture of the sun breaking through the trees and got the shape of a heart :) I decided someone up in Heaven was sending their love
Tags: heart shape sky

this was just a doodle really, just closed my eyes , scribbled a shape,to see what i could make of it lol,its only about 3 inches high hence the qualitys not too good after being blown up
Tags: Animals

My little Pony work as authro =] Oooooooooo xD This has taken FOREVER!!! Iv been working on bodies for some time and decided to colour one ... i always seem to get the same shape body xD
Tags: Digital artwork MLP

right than printed it. I laid trace paper over the shape and drew the actual faces and clothing and took another picture of it and printed it out on canvass. Than I did the oil painting
Tags: Venitian Plaster