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The engulfing of the individual by the life shattering powers of depression. This piece captures the very essence of what it is to turn in on yourself, and give way to the darkness that can shatter
Tags: depression sad engulfed emotional sad tree d

people. I still have my dreams. Dont shatter them
Tags: scared

This is a poem, referring to a situation that I'm
as glass Nothing more than an empty vase You're too afraid to let anyone in Because rejection could shatter your mask Is it a lie if you laugh off the pain As they hurt you, their words Cutting into you
Tags: lies truth pain hiding

no description
at him she tries to forget it but the roses, black from her touch, keep reminding her that she's one her own as her heart calls to him her head calls another and she shatter the mirror as she has tried
Tags: wat r tags???

who go in search of the hidden cache of gold usually mysteriously disappear and it is thought that the ghost of the Dutchman is responsible.... Howls shatter the night You better
Tags: Superstition Mountains Lost Dutchman's Mine Folk

At the moment, my most recent poem. It's sort of a
, my heart, my soul Will ever, by God, be denied Of that long sought after prize For though I know not when I shall find that sword of fire Shatter the sliver cords that bind me Pierce that filthy
Tags: poetry

to shatter, as in an earthquake, cracks begin to form, the cracks are pitch black, and endless, representing doom. When this event has neared it's end, the beams of light start to contract
Tags: art abstract surrealism dada cubism impressio

stain glass window in a cathedral shattered by lig
Tags: fantastyartartworkJohn Crippendrawinggraphicglassstain glassgrashbreakingshatter

A piece I wrote when my mind felt like it was comi
of imagination Frame after frame Clicking Taunts fast and clear Screaming conscience Shrill Mind mirrors shatter Shards fall Cutting Tearing the delicate foundation Death breathes close Stop
Tags: waking nightmares. imagery dreams poetry dark p