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my beautifull baby girl
Tags: Gianna

sleeping baby girl no flash, just natural light
Tags: photography portraits

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes and finds this girl who has powers that she doen't know about (not finished
. The exchange at the airport had seemed to take years but at least she was on a plane to somewhere unknown. On the airplane it had been quiet; the old lady sat next to me and appeared to be sleeping
Tags: story twilightish stuff

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
into a pit of despair when you're working toward getting back with your ex. You don't want to make it even harder to get back with your ex by falling into depression. So you have to.... - Sleeping
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
the girl they want. I teach one on one, groups and online classes. My website is not yet finished. So until it is, I'm giving away a free "How To Get The Girl" online class. This free class
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
friends, Ralph. We walkedover to where he was sitting and started talking. Some how we stumbled across a conversation about his ex girl friend, Leah, and how they had a date over the summer. We went bowling
Tags: I love you hate you

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
all planned to have a little camping trip in my backyard. Alex said there was no way shed sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag (Sleeping bags were immature), so she brought an inflatable mattress. We
Tags: Maddie

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
haunted the air. Nearly all the villagers were in their beds, sleeping, or at the very least were in their houses, and none could fathom what monstrous thing lay crouched in the night, waiting to strike
Tags: Short Story

Book of poems I wrote back in december
just wanted to be friends. Girl I swear I love you, we've been Best friends all our lives. I wish I could have saved you The pain shown in your eyes. And these words to you, you know they're true. One
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

((Taken from the book 'cause I cant think of a des
of the swings. I swung slowly and took my phone out. I was text messaging my best friend McKenna. She was a laugh, that girl. Always getting into trouble, and having me get her out of it. I put my
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

goth girl Eclection Media IRISH CABARET showcase Don't Tell Mama's BEAUTIFUL DECEIVERS Meredith Riant Theatre SOUND OF MUSIC Maria (guest artist) Bloomington Youth
Tags: resume

PLEASE! PLEASE! SOMEBODY LOVE ME! I'm an old-fashion girl I'm driven by the basic needs I need a man to tame my body And ease my mind I need a man to hold me close Whisper in my ear I
Tags: Jim Colyer country music nashville

turned me on She Da Bomb! Ain't no question, she's the boss She's a nuclear holocaust I'm so excited The girl's driving me wild Long brown hair Eyes of blue No limit to what she'll do
Tags: Jim Colyer phoenix country music Nashville

me sleeping as a baby
Tags: sleepy blonde girl little

My boyfriends nephew and his baby girl
Tags: sleeping babyfather and daughtersepiasleeping girl

I did this from my imagination I gave this to my
Tags: artoilpaintingsbabbygirlrockingchairraggedyannbooksleeping